Murder in the Bog

Date: 23/04/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 13, Day 7 – 13

We traveled for a week without any trouble and found plenty of forage to keep moving. We were soon in to the lands we know well and closing in on Anvil’s plunge and a refreshing beer when we ran across a pretty girl picking flowers. She introduced herself as Iris and immediately noticed the Curse on Loeb. The girl offered to remove it as it was marring such a pretty flower. We agreed. Iris said she needed some ingredients for a poultice and sent us off to fetch from cattails. They apparently grow in abundance near rivers.

We traveled to a nearby boggy region and encountered a group of strange unlife dogs that we dispatched relatively easily. We then entered the bog and began picking up cattails although we encountered a number of large tree creatures that burned with intense heat.

Later we came across an old hermit but he seemed extremely unfriendly. We then gathered the rest of the cattails and left the bog.

Month 13, Day 14

After leaving the bog we found Iris and gave her the cattails. She told us the next ingredient we needed was a blue rose which are only found in caves inhabited by water elementals. We then headed toward the hills hoping to find such a cave. We managed to wander into a patch of strange plants which we burned out quickly enough. We found a dismembered corpse and a helmet in the patch. The corpse was of a young girl who wore a pretty grass wove bracelet. Wart remembered that he had seen a similar bracelet on the old hermit.

Month 13, Day 15

We traveled to Bargar’s Port hoping to find out more about the murdered girl. It didn’t take long to find that she had been out near the bog picking cattails when she disappeared. No one could give us any advice on where to find a water elemental in a cave so we headed back up to the bog to deal with the hermit. We camped outside the bog that night.

Month 13, Day 16

We headed back into the bog and avoided more encounters with the powerful burning trees. Eventually we arrived back at that hermit’s house. The man denied any involvement in the murder of the girl and headed back into his house. We followed him and found a room where he clearly kept prisoners in squalid conditions.

In a back room we encountered a terrible demonic bat-thing that used its sonic powers and ability to bring darkness to throw us into confusion. After Wart brought light into the room Guff managed to stab the thing to death but not before we all suffered serious hearing damage. We then found a terrible journal detailing the kidnapping, torture, and eventual murder of children by feeding them to some other entity. There was a portal which presumably led to that awful creature. We broke the portal and then burned down the house. Then we dug up the earth leaving no trace of the horrific place.

We then headed back to Hazel’s house to discuss our various issues with her.

Month 13, Day 17

It was wonderful to be back home again in our own beds and eating the delicious meals Hazel cooks chased by some delightful stout from Anvil’s Plunge. Hazel helped us talk through various ideas and eventually we decided to head into the hilly region looking for a Blue Rose.