Natalya Found

Date: 03/09/2016 Time: 4 hours


Month 4, Day 15

We arrived in Lasthome and planned to find this Natalya person. We spoke with Shaila Annie who did know Natalya. Apparently they worked as thieves in a woman’s only group called the Tower Girls years ago. Shaila Anna left to start a new life and apparently Natalya did as well. Natalya came to visit just a few weeks ago claiming she left the Tower Girls. She was going to stay with a fellow named Fenster north of town but that was all Shaila Annie knew.

We traveled north for about an hour and found Fenster’s shack. He is clearly touched but was willing to part with information in exchange for silver. He told us Natalya was living in an old burned out farmhouse a few hours north of here.

Month 4, Day 16

We explored for a few hours and eventually found the burned out farmhouse. There were a couple of thugs at the front and we knocked them out. There were also some rather filthy goblins who threw exploding bags of poop at us which was unpleasant although not particularly dangerous. Eventually we found Natalya holed up in the chimney where she had made a little room. She was under some sort of delusion of her own power and even after we subdued and captured her she was unreasonable.

As we dragged her out of the place we were ambushed by a woman and her gang of thugs. Natalya knew her and we suspect these were Tower Girls hoping to steal back the strange shard we found on Natalya.

Month 4, Day 17

Come morning we took the trussed up Natalya back to Lasthome hoping to remove whatever magical spell was causing the Tower Girl to behave so irrationally. Tilk didn’t seem to know what to do but suggested we talk to the High Priest of Tiamat back at the Rainbow Monastery to learn more.

Month 4, Day 18

We spent the day traveling and had no encounters although Natalya grows ever more wearisome with her bizarre delusions about her own importance.

Month 4, Day 19

We arrived at Monastery the next morning and spoke with the High Priest. He explained that the Shard was one of eight such pieces of a larger relic called the Sihedron. That each piece represented one of the deadly sins. This Sihedron is a token of power of Tiamat which explains why Zorath hopes to get a hold of it. I’m not sure we want to give it to Tanold either but so far he has been fair with us.

He inserted a small marble into a spherical slot in the Shard of Pride and this seemed to instantly relieve Natalya of her delusions. She apologized for what she had done. She also told us that the Tower Girls are holed up in a massive stone along the river south of here.

High Priest Tanold explained that by holding the now deactivated Shard of Pride we would be guided to the next piece. Wart did so and had a vision that matched what Natalya told us.

We stayed the night and Natalya expressed a desire to learn more of Tiamat and we left the next morning without her.

Month 4, Day 20

We headed south and stopped by at Gloring’s house. The place is in full and magnificent bloom. The riot of colors and smells cleared our heads of the unpleasantness of the previous days. It was a shame we could stay only a day.

Month 4, Day 21

We stopped at Lasthome to resupply and then headed south toward the river.

Month 4, Day 22

We found the massive stone jutting from the river without any trouble and there was an entrance around the back as described by Natalya. We entered the place and found a remarkable interior. The rooms were carved from the stone and thing appears hollowed out although to what purpose it is impossible to say. Whoever did this had remarkable power and it perhaps dates back to the Old Empire.

In any case, we began to explore and quickly ran into a Tower Girl who tried to flee and warn her comrades but Guff was too quick and brought her down with precise blows. Sadly she fell down the stairs and was dead before we could resuscitate her.

Deeper in the complex we ran into more of the girls and negotiations proved fruitless as they have an apparent hatred of men. Perhaps we should have Loeb do the talking in the future. We killed three more of them and planned to continue our explorations.