Planting Autumn Orchids

Date: 28/05/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 1, Day 3 (continued)

We then traveled north hoping to find the dwarf who is apparently the agent of the trouble. We came across a large palisade encampment and waited until nightfall to enter. We got inside by swimming under the wall and managed to avoid a large bear that was apparently the only guardian. We made our way to an unfinished house that was clearly more carefully constructed than the rest in the camp. Inside we found a dwarf named Valient who claimed the giants captured him a month or so ago and he managed to make the most of the situation.

While we didn’t completely believe Valient had only peaceful intentions none of us could bring ourselves to attack the dwarf. We allowed him to alert the giants to our presence and he congenially escorted us to the gates.

We then headed back to Lasthome and stayed at the inn.

Month 1, Day 4

The next day we told everyone of our adventurers and the apothecary told us that we might find a fellow who could coax August Orchids to bloom out of season. We headed up into the hills and found the home of the giant without trouble and managed to avoid trouble with his pack of hounds. Gloring Fortus was reluctant to admit is skill with flowers as it is considered unmanly among his family and friends but he allowed us to search for bulbs amongst his large collection. We found some of the desired kind and he recommended washing them in a stream to the north that was guarded by his more belligerent cousin.

We traveled up the hill a way and found his cousin along with a pet bear who we managed to knock out although not kill. Guff dunked the bulbs and we returned to Gloring and planted the bulbs where he indicated. He told us to return in seven to ten days and hope for the best.