Rescue Augustille

Date: 19/11/2016 Time: 4 hours


Month 6, Day 11 – Continued

We spent the rest of the day exploring the city, purchasing goods, and trying to find out about the librarians to avail. We eventually followed Gav to the Sorry Excuse Inn and met with an Augur named Vargun. Apparently Gav had spoken to her about us first as she knew who we were. She wanted us to rescue her brother who was kidnapped by the son of a prominent family. She and her friends could not do so without causing an incident.

We got information about the Hanging Manse where this fellow Berkanin has Augustille imprisoned. Gav drew us a diagram of the place and we waited until morning to head out.

Month 6, Day 12

In the morning Gav took us to the Bis District and we found the Hanging Manse. We used Dimension Door to move to the overhang and then flew to a long catwalk and entered the upper floors that way. We easily captured a cat-like woman but she cried out and alerted Berkanin. He sent a clockwork soldier down the stairs who began battling with Intolorius. Wart flew out a window and broke an upper floor shutter and attacked the wizard from a second front.

With this we overcame Berkanin and eventually destroyed the clockwork creatures. We then rescued Augustille who was attached to some horrific torture like devices. We used Dimension Door again to get back down and returned to the Sorry Excuse to get our reward.