The Shard of Envy Found

Date: 11/02/2017 Time: 4 hours


Month 7, Day 6 Cont.

We burst into the chamber with the Doomsday Door and found Ardathantus performing some sort of ceremony with a number of strange creatures watching him. He proved almost impossible to damage and surrounded himself with defensive spells while continuing to perform the ritual. We finally dashed into his spinning barrier of death, surrounded him, and thanks to the Rainbow Blade eventually somehow defeated him. Near the body with found the Shard of Envy.

We then tried to shut the Doomsday Door by pushing it closed but this failed and whatever awful thing lay beyond reached out and snatched the corpse of the wizard. We then thought to use the keys which closed and apparently locked the door.

We backtracked to Kandamereus who promised to watch over the Doomday Door and we left him to his own devices. We then went back up into the dungeon and found that whatever minions we left behind had fled with the closing of the door.

On the surface Koriah decided to stay and help her father rebuild the Windsong Abbey so we wished her well and set out for the Rainbow Monastery.