Shard of Glutton Found

Date: 03/12/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 6, Day 12 – Continued

After talking with Silisna for a moment Guff headed across the bridge and was attacked by a frog creature. After we killed the frog Silisna became quite unreasonable saying that we should return to the Librarians and leave her to find the Shard. She was acting so peculiarly that Guff thought she was under some sort of mind control. When he spotted creatures ahead he immediately attacked. Sadly they turned out to be the Cauldborn who were waiting for us. Luckily we managed to figure out what was going on before the situation got too out of hand.

We healed Silisna after defeating and convinced the Cauldborn to help us. Silisna insisted on going on alone and tried to talk the Cauldborn into sending only her. The creatures were somewhat flummoxed and suggested we figure out our problems before continuing.

We made a deal with Silisna that after we finished with the Shard she could have it. She agreed to travel with us. Then the Cauldborn told us about the Dark Forest and the Dark Rider. They apparently have an agreement with the Librarians to study the Shard after it is recovered.

They then sent us to the Dark Forest. Some grub things attacked but we disposed of them. The Black Keep lay ahead strangely overhanging a cliff. We went in the front and a strange woman and some fogs attacked us but we prevailed.

The door straight ahead held a dining room with a disturbing foods and three large dogs which we killed. In a side chamber we found a large statue of a headless horseman.

The Black Horseman awaited us in the next room and we defeated after a tough battle. A door beyond that was locked but we managed to break it open with force. Inside was a strange pyramid with the Shard of Glutton floating above it. Three angelic beings were tied to it, apparently the power source. Wart cast fly on Guff who flew up and took the Shard.

Immediately the Angels began screaming and died horrible deaths. The entire Black Forest and Black Keep began to disintegrate. We dashed back to the Menhir and found the Cauldborn waiting for us. They refused to send us back to the Therassic unless we handed over the Shard. We did so. They then sent back to the Therassic Workshop.

At that point Silisna called us complete idiots and that we had given the Shard and would never see it again. She stormed off. We followed back to the Koifa and she was also unhappy that we gave the Shard to the Cauldborn but said there was nothing to be done about it. They told us to go back the inn and await further word. We did so.