Shard of Gluttony Returned

Date: 10/12/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 6, Day 13 – 17

We spent time exploring the beauties of Kaer Maga thanks to our indefatigable guide, Gav. We saw a show, visited the wonder, and otherwise occupied ourselves.

Month 6, Day 18

Gav came to Intolorious with a message from the Cauldborn. They spent the week studying the Shard of Gluttony and came to the conclusion that put with the other shards it would create a relic called the Sihedron. This Sihedron is something that can prevent Zorath from contacting or otherwise using the terrible Outer Gods for his own ends. Therefore, the Cauldborn wanted to meet with us and gave directions to a location under the Godsmouth Ossuary.

We took a tour of the Ossuary and found a quiet spot from which to use Dimension Door to travel past the entrance to the Catacombs. Once inside we followed the map provided by the Cauldborn.

The place is immense and we encountered a Priest of Hel who we had to knock and tie up. Once we left main region of the Ossuary the tunnels became dusty and dangerous. In one room we encountered a terrible witch who cast devastating freezing spells and her skeletal minions. She all but killed Loeb but we eventually managed to defeat her.

Another room had many skeletons but we destroyed them without too much trouble.

We found a secret door and headed out of the main ossuary into tunnels. We came across a strange demonic woman and an enormous of bones. Guff dashed across to her and slashed her down without questions. After that we came to a cave where Shytiae was waiting. He told us that Zorath presented a terrible danger to the world and that we must assemble the seven Shards into the Sihedron in order to stop the crazed son of Bahamut.

We asked him about the ceremony required and he told us his people were gathering further information and would be in touch.

We then retraced our steps and snuck out of the Ossuary undetected. We packed our bags, headed down the Halflight path and headed north away from Kaer Maga.

Month 6, Day 19 – 22

We traveled north heading back home and had no encounters although we visited several new regions and added them to our map.

Month 6, Day 23

We arrived at Rasanid’s house and enjoyed his hospitality. His wife remains an exceptionally good cook and we did a number of mundane errands to help out. He is a good fellow.