Shard of Greed Found

Date: 01/10/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 4, Day 24

We awoke refreshed but somewhat exhausted from this massive dungeon. We headed south and dispensed with the Ooze creature in the tunnels. We then entered a flooded room. Guff suspected creatures might be waiting underwater and lured them out by walking across with his Water Walking Ring. We then easily dispatched the vile things that attacked him.

We found a sewer system and heard singing from the east. Investigating we found an amazing room painted with murals of a great city. We dashed across a bridge figuring it was none of our business and moved on.

The next room contained a couple of corpses which we looted. The next area was more sewers and a long tunnel that led out of the dungeon! After finding the exit we returned to the dungeon.

We traveled further into some caverns where a terrible green slime attacked Guff. Wart burned it off quickly enough but Guff was weakened by the attack.

We then found a group of three dark dwarves who attacked us. They proved difficult foes as they could cast darkness but eventually we overcame them and looted their corpses. Beyond those three we found four prisoners all of whom we had met in previous travels. They were grateful to be rescued and we escorted out of the dungeon via the exit we found earlier.

The scholarly halfing Barndo told us of another dark dwarf named Khrysm whose quarters were down one of the stairwells. We followed the stairs and encountered the woman. From what the prisoners told they were all vile torturers interested in figuring out why the sunlight is so damaging to them. Hoping to find a remedy. We found this Khrysm with two strange bat familiars. Guff spoke with her for a bit but we eventually attacked and killed her with relative ease. We then took her stuff.

Still not finding the shard we returned to the main room of the dark dwarfs and found a small lab and cold room with strange ooze things that emanated cold. Guff took a sample and put it in a beaker for our own use. We also found a very peculiar device that appears to attach to a person and somehow extract vital fluids. We didn’t test it.

We then began searching more thoroughly and found a secret door in the main dark dwarf area. This led to a chamber with a pair of horrible spiders guarding a Shard! We killed them after a sharp fight. Guff then placed the disarming stone in the Shard and we put it in a bag.

We then followed the former prisoners out of the dungeon and made our way to Last Home. We sold some goods and rested.

Month 4, Day 25

In the morning we got up very early and trekked to Hazel’s house to give her the rest of the laboratory equipment and anything else she might want. She gave us some suggestions on using the cold mold. Meanwhile we plan to hold the latest Shard and hope that it gives us directions to the next one. We should possibly stop by the Monastery of the Rainbow to get the deactivating stone if the high priest has it. If not we can simply bag the Shards as we find them.