Shard of Lust Found

Date: 29/10/2016 Time: 4 hours


Month 5, Day 11 – Cont

Refreshed we revived Helanda and she told us that most of the Gray Maiden’s were under the spell of Sorshen but some realized that the woman was not who she claimed to be. Helanda warned us against a trap room filled with perfumes and we avoided it. Then she explained how a strange portal system worked with statues and golden bowls.

In the upper chamber we found a large room with many statues. Guff embraced two of them and then walked into an alcove and vanished. Everyone else followed. We found ourselves in a small and heavily locked room. It was only several hours worth of work with a chisel and hammer that eventually saw us escape.

We opened some other doors in the area and found Oriana. The leader of the Gray Maiden’s apparently became disenchanted with Sorshen and was put in prison. She didn’t have chisels so was unable to escape. Helanda and her immediately began to discuss events. Meanwhile, Guff examined a pair of posts and spun them so that mosaic snakes on the floor faced one another. A mist filled the room and we were transported to another area leaving behind Oriana and Helanda who were still talking in the cell.

In the new chamber we encountered Sorshen herself. The woman was bawdy and lusty as described. Wart gallantly turned down her proposition and the battle was on. She put down Mud several times attempting to kill our healer and nearly won the fight before Inciterus through off mind control magic smashed her to the ground. Once defeated her true for showed itself, some sort of demon.

We took a portal which transported back to a lower level. We then worked our way back up to the top. When we go there Oriana and Helanda were gone so we decided to leave well enough alone, having found the Shard of Lust on the fake Sorshen, and took the portal out.

We emerged from the Lady’s Light and slogged through the swamps with what daylight remained.

Month 5, Day 12

We traveled east heading back to Hazel’s house.

Month 5, Day 13

We traveled east heading back to Hazel’s house.

Month 5, Day 14

We traveled east and arrived at Hazel’s house to a warm welcome and an fine meal. Hazel told us that a messenger from Barger’s Port had come by asking if we were around saying they needed some help. We spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Month 5, Day 15

We stayed one more day at Hazel’s house deciding if we wanted to head north to the Monastery of the Rainbow to Barger’s Port to help with their problem.

Month 5, Day 16

We traveled all day and arrived at Bargar’s Port. News of the murders was all over the streets. People told us that traveling priests of Freyja were the four victims. We went to see Harga and she told us of her plan. One of us was to dress as a Priest of Freyja and lure the murderer out.

Guff immediately asked if there was a temple of Freyja in the city. Harga said no, but that there was an abandoned temple nearby. Guff donned robes of Freyja and made his presence known in the area where the four murders took place. He wandered the streets until after midnight but was not attacked.

The next morning we visited the abandoned temple and Guff went into a cellar region finding three unlife beasts. We reinforced him and killed the creatures.