Shard of Envy

Date: 18/12/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 6, Day 24

We traveled northwest toward Lasthome and got into the foothills before stopping for the day.

Month 6, Day 25

We arrived in Lasthome and found that our home was finished while we were away. It is quite lovely and has room for all of us. We moved our stuff and spent the day making it more like a home.

Month 6, Day 26

We traveled north toward the Monastery of the Rainbow with the newly acquired Shard in hopes of getting the stone that deactivates it’s malevolent effects.

Month 6, Day 27

We arrived at the Monastery of the Rainbow and High Priest Tanold did have a stone to put into the Shard. We did so and Wart took the Shard in his hand and concentrated hoping to learn the location of the next Shard.

He had a vision of an idyllic abbey with a large tower. When he told Tanold of this, the priest instantly recognized it as Windsong Abbey. This is a place where people of many different religions can gather peacefully.

According to Tanold it is a nice place but not many priests occupy it in these times. People prefer to worship only their god and not share time with others.

Tanold told us that a traveling merchant named Pilla often went to the Abbey and was recently here in the Monastery. He suggested we head back to Lasthome and see if we can catch her.

Month 6, Day 28

We spent the day traveling south to Lasthome through the hills foothills but had no interesting encounters.

Month 7, Day 1

We arrived back in Lasthome and found Pilla staying at the Silver Swan and Spoon enjoying a few drinks. She is a conniving woman but she did give us some useful information in addition to trying to sell us a bunch of worthless potions at a high price. She was at the Abbey not long ago and so that it was overrun by giants. She also found a bloody red cap on the ground nearby. When a giant attacked her, she fled.

After questioning her for a few hours and buying her a seemingly toxic amount of alcohol we headed off to the coast the next morning.

Month 7, Day 2

We spent a long travel day and arrived at Anvil’s Plunge late in the evening. As usual we were treated as heroes and fed lots of meat and beer. We attempted to maintain our sobriety in that we had to head out early the next day.

Month 7, Day 3

We traveled for a bit and arrived at Hazel’s house and made arrangement to have all of our stuff shipped over to the new house. She was sad to see us go and told us we were welcome to come and stay anytime.

Month 7, Day 4

We headed west toward the Windsong Abbey and arrived late in the day at Lessef. There we talked with the priest and remembered his adopted children wanted to know about their father Raf. He was the man we rescued twice from villains. He fancies himself an adventurer although after the second mishap promised to give the life up. I certainly he follows through on that promise otherwise he will soon end up dead.

Month 7, Day 5

We spent the day traveling west and arrived at the Windsong Abbey region late in the afternoon. The village outside is in ruins. Some fires still smolder and giants wander from building to building. It turns out Pilla was at least partially telling the truth.

We spent the remainder of the day scouting out the region and that night attempted to infiltrate the town. Unfortunately we were spotted by some giants and ettins. They attacked us but we defeated them. After that we managed to sneak through town without further incident and entered the Abbey via the front gate, which was open.

Guff and Intolorius walked through only to be ambushed from above by someone dropping stone blocks. Intolorius dodged to the side but Guff was badly wounded. The rest of the group dashed through the gates and avoided further damage.

We then headed into the compound and found a storage area and continued on. A group of strange little creatures wearing red hats and huge boots attacked us from the roof. After a sharp engagement we managed to kill them all.

It’s clear the inhabitants of the abbey know our presence and we must move with haste.