Shard of Sloth Beginning

Date: 18/02/2017 Time: 4 hours


Month 7, Day 6 Cont.

We left the Windsong Abbey and traveled west all day and arrived at Lessef. We told the farmers that they Windsong was free again and might need supplies.

Month 7, Day 7

We traveled to Hazel’s house and enjoyed a pleasant evening with the witch. We gave her some supplies that we had accumulated and also some magic items that we didn’t need.

Month 7, Day 8

We visited Two Tukki Town and informed the goblins that much work was needed to be done at the Windsong and the monks would be willing to pay. We also gave them some weapons and armor that we had accumulated.

Next we headed to Anvil’s Plunge and again informed them of the work that needs to be done at the Windsong Abbey.

Month 7, Day 9

We traveled toward the Monastery of the Rainbow and camped overnight by a river.

Month 7, Day 10

We arrived at the Monastery of the Rainbow and spoke with High Priest Tanold. He placed the deactivating stone in the Shard of Envy and Wart concentrated and received a vision of a large, green tower. Tanold recognized it as the Guiltspur although he knew little of it. He suggested talking to the mage in Lasthome. We stayed the day and enjoyed the company of the priests of Tiamat.

Month 7, Day 11

Next on the list was visiting Gloring the Fire Giant with the exotic seeds we purchased in Kaer Maga. He was grateful for the seeds and an excellent host as always. We stayed out back and enjoyed a pleasant evening smelling the glorious odors of his flower gardens.

Month 7, Day 12

Onto Lasthome. We dropped our booty off at the general store to be sold on consignment and then spoke with the wizard Leis Nivlandis. He gave us directions to the Guiltspur and said it is protected by strong Enchantment Magic. He offered to pay us for any information we might gather about that magic. We then went to our home which is now finished and spent the night.

Month 7, Day 13

We traveled south toward where Leis indicated and headed into unmapped territories.

Month 7, Day 14

Continuing south we got into some steep foothills which slowed us down. We did find forage and there were no encounters.

Month 7, Day 15

Heading further south we forded a large river and then had to go around more obstacles and as we prepared to cross a creek we heard a cry. Running to investigate we found a giant slaughtering a cow and a farmer tied to a tree nearby. The giant said he was hungry and we decided not to attack right away. Loeb snuck into the farmhouse and found the wife and children hiding under a secret door in the floor.

Meanhile Guff built a fire and convinced Broguy to slice off hunks of meat for cooking. After he gained the trust of the giant we attended to the wounded farmer who claimed Broguy attacked him without warning. Broguy denied this. In any case we had a feast.

Guff convinced Lewy to hire Broguy on as a hand. We also paid him some silver to cover the loss of his dairy cow. We then the rest of day helping around the farm.

Broguy told an interesting story. Apparently, a large Blue Dragon appeared at his village and somehow hypnotized all his friends and family. They then went off with the dragon to the Guiltspur for some unknown purpose. Broguy fled.