Temple of the Crawling Chaos

Date: 01/04/2017 Time: 5 hours


Month 8, Day 6 Cont.

Everyone except Guff went back to the room with the foggy pit. Guff took the gemstone from the throne. Immediately the skull rose up and wailed which sent Guff to the ground. Luckily Mud was close enough that with a double move he was able to heal the warrior before he died. From there it was a difficult battle as the crystal skull thing wailed and cast magic spells that almost killed the entire party. We finally put the thing down and sighed a breath of relief.

We then took the gem and put it in the stone. The stone immediately began to speak. It told us the Shard of Sloth had been taken through the portal to Leng for safekeeping. It also gave us some minor information about Leng, the Guiltspur and how to perform the ritual allowing us to use the portal.

We then decided to release the demon thing from its imprisonment and it proved to be a good decision. The thing was an angelic creature transformed. It agreed to join us and help us.

After that we performed the ritual and went into the foggy area.

We arrived on a cliff ledge and a pair of strange creatures attacked us. They attempted to throw Wart off the ledge but we killed them before they could. We then walked past some sphinxes and opened a pair of huge doors. Beyond we found a number of ghouls Morcruft allowed to interact with them with no fighting.

We went in the same direction as the Blue Dragon and encountered a group of four strange creatures casting some sort of spell on an enormous cauldron. The creatures did not want to be disturbed so we went around. Morcruft apparently worships them and stayed behind.

We went down a long passage and finally came across Cadrilkasta. The Blue Dragon was enormous and an all but invincible foe. Luckily he held the Shard of Sloth and was almost sleeping through the entire fight. Only this allowed us to kill him. After the battle the angel in disguise, Aventhial, teleported back to the region outside the Guiltspur.