The Blue Rose Found

Date: 14/05/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 13, Day 19 – Continued

Meanwhile, we continued to explore the caves and found more belligerent ant creatures and some prisoners. We eventually came across a horrible frog creature near a pool with strange water around which grew Blue Roses! We killed the frog thing but not before it nearly did the same to us. Then we gathered the flowers making sure to carefully keep their root structure intact.

We found another of the ant-man shamans nearby and dispatched him as well. Then we went back to one last unexplored area and discovered a beautiful pool surrounded by Blue Roses. A water elemental emerged but she allowed us to pluck two of the flowers without further incident.

We then left and headed back toward where we met Iris setting the prisoners free and leaving the darkling elf woman in the darkling lands.

Month 13, Day 20

We then traveled back west toward Iris and gave her the Blue Roses. She then requested we find Rock Daisies which are apparently out of season. So we headed out exploring and came across the town of Lasthome. It seems a pleasant place where people do not bother one another. The mayor hinted there were adventurers available and the town innkeeper, a bitter dwarf named Shaldrick, asked us to gather some Green Orchids for his special brew. We decided to instead head back to Iris and return the Blue Roses.

The apothecary owner directed us to a glad outside of town watched over by a spirit.

Month 13, Day 21

The next day we easily found the glade and picked some rock daisies with the permission of the strange spirit creature that guards them.

On our way back Iris with the daisies we encountered a bizarre brass construct and destroyed the thing before it could do any damage. We tracked it back to a tinkerer’s home and met with the rather strange Maggie O’knocker, or Magknocker as she prefers to be called. She is clearly a genius with automatons although apparently clueless as the danger they might present. Guff purchased a little doggy thing and we headed back to Hazel’s house to drop off our supplies.

Iris then took the Rock Daisies and asked us to look for some Regal Lilies.

Month 13, Day 22

We arrived back and Hazel’s and gave her our accumulated treasure to sell or trade as she thinks fit. We looked into the mirror and both Mud and Wart saw disturbing visions while Guff simply saw himself.

Month 13, Day 23

We then headed back to the hills in the hopes of finding Regal Lilies. While busy searching we were assaulted by an awful group of unlife creatures that breathed necrotic death and oozed fearful auras. Little Loeb was all but killed but in the end we managed to dispatch them. They came from a nearby graveyard and it is clear another foul necromancer is loose in the region.