The Cardinal’s Plight I

Date: 08/04/2016 Time: 1.5 hours


Danger of the Shadow Binders

After the debacle at the Masquerade Ball, Baron Zacherath realized that the Overlord is attempting to kidnap Shadow Binders in order to gain power. Zacherath enlisted us to travel to the cathedral of Cardinal Koth and find the ancient Relic of Dawn in order to open the Mystic Portal.

On the journey we came across a group of standing stones and uncovered a hidden trove of treasure. It must be said that this fortune only befell us because our lucky donkey, Gerald III, happened to kick up some moss revealing the cache. Good old Gerald III!

Zombie Party

When we arrived at the cathedral we came across a foul necromancer, Merik Farrow, raising zombies in the graveyard and sending them into the attack. This Farrow person is apparently the husband of the woman who charmed loved addled Avric but that didn’t put a damper on his ardor. We rushed forward and immediately encountered a group of undead dogs much like those we defeated when liberating the crops from the farmstead not long ago.

We waded into battle without hesitation killing the undead things left and right. Grisban was like a whirling dervish sending foes to the ground left, right, and center.

Avric dug up the Relic of Dawn just as Jain and Grisban ganged up on Merik sending the foul necromancer to his apparent doom!

We used the Relic of Dawn to enter the portal and head into the cathedral to rescue Cardinal Koth who was still under attack by the forces of death.