The Cardinal’s Plight II

Date: 08/04/2016 Time: 1.5 hours


Into the Cathedral

We dashed into the cathedral and found the way blocked by a impassable door. We immediately began dashing about trying to find the key while awful creatures and unexpected traps blocked our way.

Avric stopped at an altar and began to pray for Cardinal Koth as Jain and Grisban attempted to find the key. Jain dashed into a room and immediately found a small dragon which sent the brave archer to the ground with a blast of fiery breath. Grisban opened another door and was surrounded by fiery creatures although dispatched most of them with a single whirling attack.

Avric left his post at the altar to cast his healing spells on Jain and Grisban and this left poor Cardinal Koth on his own against zombies behind the locked door. Avric’s healing spells raised up Jain who dashed past the dragon into a room but she failed to find the key. Grisban had better luck in another room and the key was ours!

Victory seemed to be in our grasp as we merely had to open the door and kill the two zombies attacking Koth. Sadly Avric’s decision to leave the shrine proved to be a decisive mistake as the zombies landed a couple of powerful blows on Koth just as he let down his defenses for a moment. Without the prayers of Avric to sustain him, he was slain.

One disaster seems to pile upon the next as we planned to report our failure and make our next move.

This Shadow Binder situation imperils the entire land.