The Cure for Wart

Date: 06/08/2016 Time: 4 hours


Month 3, Day 4

When the beast finally awoke we questioned in him intensively about Tiamat the Destroyer, the Rainbow as he calls her. He seems fanatically devoted to her and tried to convince us to join him. We invited Inciterus to join us in our quests as he said he had acquired a taste for adventure and was bored in his homeland which is why he eagerly joined with Elizzie. He agreed although at that moment Ulthala informed us that her pledge to stay with us for a year was days away from expiring. That she was going to join the priest of Zorath, Em’old in his revamped church. Apparently they spoke on watch one evening and she is convinced Zorath is truly the son of Bahamut and she wishes to further his worship. She will be with us but a few days more.

After we finished talking to the priest we discussed our options and then Uthala killed the priest and we wrapped up the eggs to take with. Then we headed back toward the Seer with Elizzie in tow.

Month 3, Day 5

We traveled toward the Seer but had no encounters with strange beasts and the forage was excellent.

Month 3, Day 6

Another day heading toward the Seer without incident and excellent forage. Intolorious seems a hearty companion and good at helping catch wild animals.

Month 3, Day 7

Another day of travel and nothing of interest. We managed to get quite a distance because we didn’t need to stop to forage thanks to our bulging packs.

Month 3, Day 8

We arrived at the converted Temple of Zorath and met with Em’old. He suggested that he take care of the dragon eggs until they hatch and then he can dispose of them or raise them depending upon what sort of dragon emerged.

We also bid farewell to Uthala who finished her one year of service to today. It was a sad moment and little Loeb seems most affected. In the end I hope we will remain friends and hope that Em’old and Zorath can successfully remove her curse.

Month 3, Day 9

We headed east continuing our journey to meet with the Seer and learn how to remove the curse of the Yellow Sign from Wart.

Month 3, Day 10

We traveled another full day and I think we are close to the Seer. It will be good to finish the cursed quest once and for all and serve just rewards to the awful goblin shaman who started it all.

Month 3, Day 11

The Seer was happy to see Wart and explained that to remove his curse he must subject himself to something called the Rainbow Wave. This appears to be some sort of aggressive spell casts by priests of Tiamat. Where we are to find such a priest and how to provoke the spell remains a mystery.

We used the rest of the daylight remaining to us to head back to Lasthome and check on the progress of our house.

Month 3, Day 12

We had a pleasant journey through lands familiar to us with no untoward incidents.

Month 3, Day 13

We pushed late into the day and arrived at Lasthome. Our house is well under construction and apparently the work we did in securing the mining rights gained us some goodwill in the inhabitants who had kicked in to help in construction.

Month 3, Day 14

After a pleasant night at the inn we spoke to the mayor who reminded us of the grain thefts going on recently. Having nothing better to do we went and talked to the miller, Cree, who suspected wererats or perhaps ratlings as the thefts have been too clever for simple animals.

We went into the granary and found a clever hidden entrance and followed it into a series of tunnels filled with one trap after the next. Backtracking we found a secret door leading to a portal. In the room was a portrait of that fellow Oxby that was held prisoner by Wererats back in Bargar’s Port. We were unable to find at that time and apparently he has become infected with Lycanthropy and setup shop here.

We went through the portal and found a huge chamber with massive stone statues and an Imperial Age magic circle. We killed some guardians and planned to continue our explorations.

It’s clear that Oxby managed to find a place of power and has leveraged it to his advantage.