The Curse Lifted

Date: 20/08/2016 Time: 4 hours


Month 3, Day 24

On our way to Mean Owl Village we stopped at Two Tuki Town and informed them of the death of Jiffo. The chieftain was upset but he’ll get over it. They didn’t know anything about what’s been going on at Mean Owl Village so couldn’t give us any information.

We then headed to Mean Owl Village and Loeb snuck in and looked around but didn’t find anything interesting. We then jumped the palisade and charged into the main chambers where we met the shaman before. We killed his bodyguard and then the shaman with apparent ease.

The shaman laughed as he died saying he could not be killed so easily and that we would meet again. Then he transformed into a massive thing with incredibly thick and rubbery hide. We killed the beast with a mix of swords and magic.

We then searched the rest of the village and found the goblins all stunned and unconscious. We waited until morning when they seemed to be coming out of their stupor and then led them back to Two Tuki Town where their friends and relatives were thrilled to see them.

We took a pair back to look in the mirror and they seemed to not be cursed. Then we rested. The cures is over … for the moment.

Month 3, Day 25

We spent the day discussing our future plans while enjoying the hospitality of Hazel. Our house in Lasthome should be finished fairly soon but I’m sure we will always visit this wonderful place no matter where our path takes us in the future.

Month 3, Day 26

We traveled to Anvil’s Plunge where we are still revered as heroes and treated like kings every time we visit. It doesn’t get old, nor does the taste of their excellent stout!

Month 3, Day 27

We traveled hard all day and arrived at Lasthome. Our new house is shaping up very nicely and it won’t be much longer before it’s complete. The people of the town have pitched in thanks to our work with the iron mine but I feel we should do something else to contribute soon. The mayor told us that the high priest of the Rainbow Monastery was asking about us so we decided to head up that way.

Month 3, Day 28

We travelled north all day toward the monastery but encountered nothing unusual.

Month 4, Day 1

We arrived at the monastery without further incident and they allowed us inside with kind words. The high priest apparently had a dream about us in which Tiamat explained that Zorath is trying to find an ancient relic of Imperial Times and plans to use it for a terrible purpose. Tiamat believes we are to find the item first and keep it out of the hands of Zorath.

After the dream High Priest Tanold found a strange puzzle box by his bed. We then began to try and figure out how to open it. After some time we managed to open the thing apparently releasing two mischievous fey creatures that had extremely annoying laughs. After a short fight we killed one and bagged the other.

Loeb then noted a piece of parchment in the box with the name Natalya on it. None of us knows such a person and Tanold did not either but perhaps if we ask around we can find her.