The Curse Lifted from Mud

Date: 17/07/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 2, Day 11

Just as we were ready to abandon Em’old we came across an old temple of Thor that was mostly in ruins although it was also clear someone was currently occupying the place. Em’old was ecstatic and we headed toward the place to hopefully negotiate with the current occupants.

We entered the temple and found it occupied by some large and aggressive badgers which Wart attempted to put to sleep. At point a strange, tattooed giant appeared and attacked. The best threw a boulder and knocked over Wart but more dangerous were its tattoos which flashed brilliantly every time the creature was hit blinding us. Eventually we managed to kill both it and the badgers.

Em’old was thrilled with his new temple and happy to answer any questions we had about Zaroth. While dragging the corpses outside we stumbled in a dust beast that nearly killed Wart but we finally put it down. We then helped Em’old clean up and were on our way the next morning.

Month 2, Day 12

We decided we had enough information about Zaroth to inform the Seer and headed back in that direction. That night as we set up camp a group of small goblins with tails like monkeys ambushed us with a bizarre mummy beast. They used gooey sling bullets that made movement difficult and the monstrous thing nearly tore Wart in half before we finally finished it off. Where they came from I have no idea but there might be more around.

Month 2, Day 13

We traveled west all day toward the Seer and encountered nothing unusual.

Month 2, Day 14

We arrived the next morning at the Seer and with permission from the Gatekeeper Mud went in and told her about Zaroth. His answers seemed to satisfy the Seer and she dismissed him.

Month 2, Day 15

We then talked to the Gatekeeper about returning the Black Knife and Mud was once again allowed an audience with her. She took the knife and explained the process of removing the curse.

Month 2, Day 16

The Seer’s instructions involved finding both an old Imperial Circle and a particular plant. Both were in the hills to the west and we headed to Gloring’s house as he is quite knowledgeable about plants. We arrived without incident and he drew us a picture of the plant we needed which was remarkably good considering the size of his hands.

Month 2, Day 17

We went back into the hills looking for Solanum nigris as Gloring called it and also the Imperial circle. We found both without too much trouble and Mud had been fasting since we headed into the hills so we simply brewed the tea and awaited the demonic creature the Seer promised she would provide.

Month 2, Day 18

The next day Loeb heard a rumbling in the distance and soon enough a massive creature the size of a house launched a terrible attack. The began by spewing a vomitus stream of regurgitated and acidified former victims on Guff and Loeb. Then it leapt high into the air and landed with an electric burst that nearly killed Mud, Guff, and Loeb. We then surrounded the beast and slowly whittled it down but not before it swallowed and nearly digested Uthala.

Mud then carved out the liver and began to devour it as ordered by the Seer while we reheated the tea and he sucked down great mouthfuls of both it and the bloody liver. It was a disgusting sight and Mud then read the incantation.

Afterwards we cleaned up from the terrible battle and decided to head back to Hazel’s to see if the incantation from the Seer worked or not.

Month 2, Day 19

On the way to Hazel’s we stopped at Magknockers and Guff picked up his monkey drummer. Wart mentioned the living anvil back in the Shadowdark Ruin and the tinkerer seemed very interested in acquiring it.

Month 2, Day 20

The next day we arrived back at Hazel’s and the mirror seemed to confirm that Mud’s curse was lifted. We now must find a way to rid Wart and Uthala and then head back to Mean Owl Village and deal with the shaman worshipper of He Who Must Not Be Named and put an end to this nonsense. Although there is also the brewing trouble with Zaroth which may or may not be related.