The Miner’s Lament

Date: 22/04/2016 Time: 1.5 hours


After our terrible defeats by the Overlord we planned to return to Arhynn and inform Baron Greigory of the death of Cardinal Koth at the hands of the vampiric Lord Merick Farrow. On the way we encountered a dragon attacking a small caravan and rushed to their help. The terrible red dragon roared overhead and gave off a final terrible blast of fire set us all ablaze before it flew away and leaving us to tend to the survivors. One of them told us to head to the nearby mines and prevent the dragon from finding something called Jorem’s Discovery.

Still smoldering, we rushed to the mines and found them already infested with terrible and strange creatures. Avric and Grisban immediately began to battle one of the creatures while Jain paused to pick up some treasure she spotted on the floor. While Avric’s blows were largely ineffectual the mighty dwarf Grisban slew the beast with heavy strikes.

Meanwhile Jain simply hot-footed it past the dragon who was busy slaying the miners apparently in an attempt to find this Jorem’s Discovery. Meanwhile a group of spell-casters appeared and began using their flesh-bending magic upon us. Jain killed one with a single shot that took the thing in the throat and badly wounded a second.

Avric dashed down one corridor while Grisban went down a second as Jain continued on her path. We all met in a central chamber at which point the dragon appeared in true form and attacked. Jain fired a barrage of accurate arrows even as the dragon attempted to kill the last of the miners. A glancing blow from Avric and then a heavy strike from Grisban sent the thing to its doom only a moment before the last miner succumbed to the power of the beast.

The surviving miner gifted us with a suit of heavy chain called the Oriom Mail and told us to make haste for the Brickwater Inn to find Jorum.

We barely had time to tend to our wounds and off we went.