The Priest of Zorath

Date: 02/07/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 1, Day 23 continued

We entered the underground region and killed a number of chaos priests amidst the ruins. There was an apparently invulnerable anvil creature guarding a destroyed smithy and we retreated away from it. There were a number of strange warped spiders and rats but we also avoided them and eventually retreated from the place although killed a powerful priest carrying a chaos magic hammer before leaving.

Month 1, Day 24

The next morning we decided to head east and look for these Zorath worshippers who were trying to collect slaves for their budding Empire. We headed east and found more of the Tandtharus Wood although encountered no more of the monks who have apparently learned to leave us alone.

Month 1, Day 25

We crossed a small river that cut through the forest and continued east without incident.

Month 1, Day 26

We finally left the forest and found some open plains and our speed of travel increased.

Month 1, Day 27

The open plains quickly turned into low hills which he headed into but still found no sign of the Zorath’s worshippers.

Month 1, Day 28

We exited the hills and entered more plains where game and wild edibles were plentiful. We also came across a priest of Zorath whose fanaticism for his Living God is beyond question. He claims that a vision from Zorath sent him to the region to find an old abandoned temple which he is to turn into a House of Zorath.

Month 2, Day 1

We decided to join with Em’old and help him establish the temple of Zorath hoping that we would learn more of the strange Living God. Em’old explained that Zorath is the son of Bahamut the platinum dragon and has risen from death to lead the world into a golden era of peace and prosperity. We headed into some hills but did not find the abandoned temple.

Month 2, Day 2

We continued to search the hills but found no temple.

Month 2, Day 3

We moved into some foothills but there was no sign of the abandoned temple although our lack of success did not in any way dissuade Em’old from his devotion.

Month 2, Day 4

The foothills gave way to a small mountainous region which provided precious little forage and the going was difficult. Still no temple.

Month 2, Day 5

The mountains continued to provide no sustenance and the going was very difficult. We decided to leave the mountainous terrain and hope to find food and the temple.

Month 2, Day 6

Our descent into the foothills provided no relief from the prolonged absence of forage and our packs are all but empty. Em’old seems to not care at all and assume that Zorath will somehow find a way to both sate our stomachs and lead us to this supposed temple.

Month 2, Day 7

We spent the entire day foraging and finally a bit of fortune went our way as we filled our packs with a variety of vegetables and fish pulled from a small stream. There was no sign of the temple but we did spent the majority of the day fishing.

Month 2, Day 8

We headed back into the plains but again had no luck finding this supposed temple. We all began to imagine that this Em’old was simply a mad man.

Month 2, Day 9

We headed back into the hills and found some food but no temple.

Month 2, Day 10

The hills continued on but so did our bad luck in finding the supposed temple. If this goes on much longer we’ll simply have to abandon Em’old and look to learn more about Zorath somewhere else.

Month 2, Day 11

Just as we were ready to abandon Em’old we came across an old temple of Thor that was mostly in ruins although it was also clear someone was currently occupying the place. Em’old was ecstatic and we headed toward the place to hopefully negotiate with the current occupants.