The Puzzle Box

Date: 20/08/2016 Time: 2 hours


Month 4, Day 1

We arrived at the monastery without further incident and they allowed us inside with kind words. The high priest apparently had a dream about us in which Tiamat explained that Zorath is trying to find an ancient relic of Imperial Times and plans to use it for a terrible purpose. Tiamat believes we are to find the item first and keep it out of the hands of Zorath.

After the dream High Priest Tanold found a strange puzzle box by his bed. We then began to try and figure out how to open it. After some time we managed to open the thing apparently releasing two mischievous fey creatures that had extremely annoying laughs. After a short fight we killed one and bagged the other.

Loeb then noted a piece of parchment in the box with the name Natalya on it. None of us knows such a person and Tanold did not either but perhaps if we ask around we can find her.