The Ruins of Shadowdark

Date: 26/06/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 1, Day 18

After our unfortunate experience with the Seer we decided to head north to the Tandtharus Wood and look for the ruins that are forbidden to the lizard monks while we contemplated how to proceed with the curse on Mud, Uthala, and War. We traveled without incident.

Month 1, Day 19

We didn’t have much luck with our forage and spent a long time looking for food and not so much time traveling.

Month 1, Day 20

We entered the Tandtharus Wood and began looking for the ruin although without any luck.

Month 1, Day 21

Again we searched the woods looking for the ruin described by the young lizard monks that attacked us but we found nothing. It is a large wooded area so we were not discouraged.

Month 1, Day 22

We were running a little short on supplies and spent the day building a blind and were rewarded when a deer crossed our path. We didn’t get much exploration done but once again our packs are bulging with food and supplies.

Month 1, Day 23

We finally came across the ruins and began to explore. The place was clearly once a thriving town with a well-constructed wall but some catastrophic event destroyed it. We entered through the broken wall and found a strange purplish spire with magical runes along its side but it was no longer active. We then met a young rogue and some of his monkish hirelings. Erogard was convinced a relic of great value was hidden in the old temple of Forseti. He asked for help in recovering it and promised us full shares of any treasure.

We then went over to the ruined temple which turned out to have powerful women spirit warriors guarding it. We eventually overcame them and encountered a ghostly presence who warned us to leave. Ralgar was the former high priest who seems to have lost his faith. He knew nothing of the Golden Scales although Erogard didn’t believe the priest.

Eventually we left the ruins with Erogard grumbling as he went. We then went over to a small graveyard where Loeb found a passage to some tunnels. She also looked at a grave which apparently triggered another spirit. This was a woman who asked us why we were disturbing the grave of her children. It turns out her children died with the High Priest of Forseti, the apparition back in the temple, sentenced the apothecary to prison for beating his incompetent apprentice who then himself accidently mixed up a poisonous concoction that killed the children. Her husband, the town wizard, then summoned some sort of terrible chaos beast which destroyed the town. A sad tale all the way around.