The Shadow Vault

Date: 22/04/2016 Time: 1.5 hours


We found the Brickwater Inn quickly and learned of the Shadow Vault. Baron Greigory dispatched us to catch up to and aid Baron Zachereth in his assault on the place.

On the journey we stumbled onto a group of spiders and in our haste blundered directly into their webs where we were all bitten.

Eventually we arrived at the Shadow Vault but there was no sign of Baron Zachereth although the place was already infested with minions of the Overlord. Avric found the Baron’s absence suspicious but there was no time to discuss the matter as we charged forward to defend the vaults.

We found a key near the entrance, Grisban picked it up and that proved to be a most fortuitous decision. A dragon suddenly appeared along with an Ettin, and trio of the terrible flesh manipulating wizards. The dragon blasted poor Jain nigh onto death while the Ettin simply picked up Avric and tossed him out of the room. Avric, seeing he could not get past the dragon and Ettin dashed to a back room, he did not, I repeat, did not run away. In the back room he found a strange magical circle and managed to destroy the thing.

Shortly after this Grisban killed the Ettin but the trio of wizards continually cast their awful spells on Jain sending her crashing to the floor again and again. Without Avric and his healing spells things looked grim. Grisban was made of sterner stuff and managed to maintain his fighting spirit despite the awful odds.

While Jain lay on the floor incapacitated, Grisban found a second strange circle and managed to disable it. The dragon was keeping Avric bottled up in a back room but with the Ettin dead and no reinforcements apparently coming, the great winged beast was forced to back toward a third portal. Then Baron Zachereth suddenly appeared but not to help us but instead to attack!

Avric to rushed forward and healed his companions just when it seemed death was certain.

With their fortitude rejuvenated by the priest, both Jain and Grisban attacked the dragon with all their strength and sent the thing to its death. Then Jain ran forward to the last of the circles and, after a slight misstep, managed to destroy it. Baron Zachereth vanished in a puff of smoke although not before declaring that he was, in fact, the Overlord!

From there we disposed of the last of the spell-casters and took the strange Shadow Rune for our own.

We must now return to the city as quickly as possible to inform Baron Greigory of everything that happened.

What will be next? Who can say, but I know we are ready for it!