To Find a Blue Rose

Date: 07/05/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 13, Day 17

It was wonderful to be back home again in our own beds and eating the delicious meals Hazel cooks chased by some delightful stout from Anvil’s Plunge. Hazel helped us talk through various ideas and eventually we decided to head into the hilly region looking for a Blue Rose.

Month 13, Day 18

We left the next morning our pack bulging with goodies thanks to Hazel and made our way to Anvil’s Plunge where we were once again treated like conquering heroes. We spent the evening drinking beer and telling tales of our latest adventures.

Month 13, Day 19

The next day we headed east into the hills near where we met the strange nature girl, Iris. We were not long in the hills when we came across some caves inundated with streams. They were inhabited by strange ant-men creatures that defended their nest with great vigor. As we explored the caves we came across a number of them and eventually a massive, slug-like queen guarded by elite warriors. We managed to kill them after a tough fight and slew the queen.

Laying near her was a darkling elf woman who later told us she was of noble birth although her family was betrayed and overthrown. She knew of General Estyile and asked us to take her to meet him.

Meanwhile, we continued to explore the caves and found more belligerent ant creatures and some prisoners.