Tower Girls Defeated

Date: 10/09/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 4, Day 23 (cont)

We continued deeper into the complex and found another group of Tower Girls this time with a full-blow were-rat leader who proved impervious to many of our weapons but we eventually brought down. From there we took steps back down to the previous level and encountered the leader of the tower girls, a woman named Ayala. She wielded a bladed scarf with deadly precision and was also clearly a fully formed were-rat. She bested Guff in hand to hand combat but with Mud’s healing and Wart’s magic we managed to bring her to the point of surrender.

She explained they were refugees form a powerful thieves guild in Stav’rol called the Wreckrash Blades. She also told as that Natalya stole the Shard of Pride but she had no idea if more such relics were in the region. She and her allies had been trying to pass through a locked door on this level but had so far been unsuccessful.

We managed to unlock the door thanks to some insight from Intolorious, Guff, and Wart and proceed on while Ayala promised to gather the remnants of her gang and keep them from attacking us.

Beyond the door we found stairs going down and eventually came across a strange little blue creature suffering from a horrible cold. He had been tasked with guarding the stairwell although could barely manage to stand. We tied him up and went on.

We discovered an ant nest and then his cohorts who apparently control insects in the region. We killed most of them and their spider allies leaving a few to flee. The next level down was infested with terrible spiders and Guff was badly poisoned by one of them so we decided to rest for the evening.

Month 4, Day 23

The next morning we found a large statue of a beautiful woman wielding a ranseur. We determined it was possible an ancient hero from as far back as Imperial Times but nothing else. We then headed down more stairs. This place is seemingly endless!