Travel to Lady’s Light

Date: 08/10/2016 Time: 4 hours


Month 4, Day 26

We traveled to Magknockers and gave her the automaton from the Crow Dungeon. She was quite pleased in her own insane way.

Month 4, Day 27

We arrived in Lasthome and checked in our house. Things are going well. We made some payments but hopefully we’ll have our own place within the next few months. We could even stay there now although it’s certainly not finished.

Month 4, Day 28

We headed toward the Monastery of the Rainbow. Nothing much happened.

Month 5, Day 1

We spoke with High Priest Tanold who had another deactivation stone for the Shard of Greed. We placed it and Wart took it in his hand and focused on the next Shard. He got an image of a statue of a woman holding a torch aloft.

Tanold recognized this immediately as the Lady’s Light. He told us of a crazed prophet who had been in the Monastery recently. The man headed south and might be in Lasthome.

We then spoke with Natalya who continued to show remorse for her previous behavior. Wart suggested she visit the Crow and apologize to her former allies. And that maybe they would take her back.

We enjoyed a midday repast with the priests of Tiamat and headed south back to Lasthome.

Month 5, Day 2

We arrived back in Lasthome and found Jasper pontificating in the town square. He seemed to recognize us immediately and launched into a nonsensical sermon. No matter what question we asked he only seemed to spew out crazed prophecies.

During the conversation, and I use the word loosely, a group of young hooligans decided to teach Jasper a lesson. Instead it was they who learned lesson. We captured two and sent another scurrying off. The boys seemed high on pesh and wanted to shut up the loud preacher. We don’t think there was more to than that.

Eventually with the help of Shaila Annie we managed to calm Jasper down enough to get some information from him. He claims the Lady’s Light is surrounded by marshes and the best way to get there is by boat. He also suggested pitting the denizens of the swamp against each other so as to safely make passage. Finally he mentioned a witch-woman named Maroux.

Month 5, Day 3

The next morning we headed to Anvil’s Plunge to pick up some beer as trade for passage on a riverboat. We stayed there that evening and had our usual good time.

Month 5, Day 4

We headed south to Lessef and stayed there. A sad little village.

Month 5, Day 5

We arrived at the Big Muddy and didn’t have too much trouble finding a ship to take us north. The Wanton Way is captained by a rough but ready fellow named Yarnelle Fessender. Just as we were departing a woman joined the trip. She seems nice enough.

Month 5, Day 6

We traveled north aboard the Wanton Way. This form of travel is quite pleasant. We stand on the deck watching an endless landscape slide by. We fish, we talk, and reminisce.

Month 5, Day 7

After another easy day of travel we turned in for a restful night. However, during the evening hours Loeb heard a cry, as did several others, and we rushed to the deck to see what happened. We found the woman, Dialla, standing over the corpse of the mate! She claimed he raped and murdered her young niece and she was exacting out deserved vengeance. She asked us to not report her.

We confirmed her story as best we could and decided to trust her. She took on the appearance of Chebby, the murdered, and we went back to our cabins.

Month 5, Day 8

Near the end of the next day we spotted the stunning Lady’s Light. It is a sight to behold. She stands hundreds of feet tall a lantern grasped in her hand. The captain dropped us off, wished us well, and went on their way. We camped on the beach and planned to head toward the Lady’s Light in the morning.