Trying to Find Natalya

Date: 27/08/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 4, Day 2

We decided to check in on the seal that was partially destroyed by the tornado and find out what was happening there. We traveled all day toward the region and encountered nothing unusual.

Month 4, Day 3

We found the damaged seal still partially intact. Mud disabled it magically and we quickly descended into the tunnels below. We found eight magical circles, two of them destroyed and empty, and the others containing terrible beasts. Deciding the caution was the better part of valor we continued to explore. Eventually we found a completely insane man who apparently summoned the chaos beast in the first place. It is apparently the wizard who is responsible for the destruction of Shadowdark. He managed to trap the chaos beast he summoned and has been guarding it ever since.

We eventually broke the circle but the beast was extremely powerful and had an aura of chaos that limited out ability to fight it. We whittled it down and it eventually fled although we were unable to slay it.

With the beast gone the wizard was even more distraught and eventually tried to kill himself with a sharp piece of wood. Guff finished the job and we left this terrible place.

Month 4, Day 4

We continued on our journey east hoping to check up on Uthala and the priest of Zorath. The day was quiet.

Month 4, Day 5

We again traveled quietly toward the Temple of Zorath without incident.

Month 4, Day 6

As we continued our journey we were attacked by a fiery knight riding a terrible flame breathing stead who apparently thought he was a harbinger of Zorath. We killed him after a tough fight.

Month 4, Day 7

We found some strange blasted lands where much grows but little else of interest.

Month 4, Day 8

We arrived at the Temple of Zorath and found Uthala well. High Priest Em’old explained that the dreams of Zorath can be confusing and some of his disciples are misguided. He also said that agents of Tiamat are actively working to discredit Zorath. We stayed the day but learned little.

Month 4, Day 9

We decided to meander our way back toward Lasthome asking anyone and everyone about Natalya. We encountered a bone-stitched creature that was apparently one of the beasts created by the strange tinkerer down to the south. I hope he’s more careful with his creations in the future but he seemed to be a bit haphazard in his thought processes, as are many of the creative ilk.

Month 4, Day 10

We headed into the mountains and territory we did not know just to do some exploring and perhaps find Natalya.

Month 4, Day 11

We explored into the mountains and eventually arrived at some foothills.

Month 4, Day 12

The foothills eventually opened into grasslands where game and food was plentiful.

Month 4, Day 13

We traveled over the grasslands with incident.

Month 4, Day 14

We visited the farmer Rasanid who we saved from slavers and he proved an excellent host. His wife bakes the most delicious pies in the region and he made it clear we were always welcome. What a fine fellow.

His wife sometimes trades in Lasthome and did remember that the town alchemist, Shala Annie mentioned a woman named Natalya! We have a clue!

Month 4, Day 15

We arrived in Lasthome and planned to find this Natalya person.