Wart Cured

Date: 13/08/2016 Time: 5 hours


Month 3, Day 14

After a pleasant night at the inn we spoke to the mayor who reminded us of the grain thefts going on recently. Having nothing better to do we went and talked to the miller, Cree, who suspected wererats or perhaps ratlings as the thefts have been too clever for simple animals.

We went into the granary and found a clever hidden entrance and followed it into a series of tunnels filled with one trap after the next. Backtracking we found a secret door leading to a portal. In the room was a portrait of that fellow Oxby that was held prisoner by Wererats back in Bargar’s Port. We were unable to find at that time and apparently he has become infected with Lycanthropy and setup shop here.

We went through the portal and found a huge chamber with massive stone statues and an Imperial Age magic circle. We killed some guardians and planned to continue our explorations.

It’s clear that Oxby managed to find a place of power and has leveraged it to his advantage. We continued our exploration and came across a group of Hobgoblins commanded by a powerful warrior who immediately sent off for reinforcements. We defeated this group but could hear the echoing shouts of many more. We headed back to the portal room only to be waylaid by a large group of the hobgoblins. We killed a few and forced more to retreat but the supply of the beasts seemed endless.

At that point we came across Oxby who was also commanding a terrible Stone Elemental beast. Luckily he remembered us and immediately called off the attack. He thanked us for saving him and asked us to join him.

The power of the ancient Imperial Circle has apparently gone to his head as he is mad with power. We agreed to work with in the future and he promised to stop raiding the granary at Lasthome. With that we went back through the portal.

We reported our activity to the mayor in Lasthome and went to bed.

Month 3, Day 15

In the morning the mayor came by and told us that a traveler reported seeing a temple up in the hills that was waving the flag of a rainbow. He thought it might be Tiamat worshippers. We set out immediately hoping to cure Wart and end this curse once and for all.

Month 3, Day 16

We explored the thick hills north of Lasthome but could not find the temple.

Month 3, Day 17

Another day of fruitless search in the hills.

Month 3, Day 18

On the third day in the hills we spotted a small group of buildings with what appeared to be a rainbow flag flying from one. We approached and were greeted cordially but cautiously by a guard who indeed does worship Tiamat. When Wart told him that he was looking for a spell the guard agreed to allow Wart inside but no one else.

Wart met with High Priest Tanold who agreed to perform the ritual spell the evening after next. We spent the rest of the day foraging for food.

Month 3, Day 19

We waited the entire day and filled our packs and then returned to the Monastery gates. The guard informed us that Tanold instructed him to allow all of us in for the ceremony. Wart lay upon the group and the priest cast his potent spell which would have killed our friend if Mud hadn’t quickly applied healing spells.

The high priest was impressed that Wart survived and took it as a sign of favor from Tiamat. He advised us to return at some later date after he had time to pray to the Rainbow Goddess.

Month 3, Day 20

We left the monastery and headed to Hazel’s house to look in the mirror and determine if the curse from Wart was truly lifted. The day went uneventfully.

Month 3, Day 21

We arrived at Hazel’s house without incident although Wart was still badly shaken from the terrible spell. He looked in the mirror and the curse is gone! We decided to wait a few days until Wart was feeling better and then head to Mean Owl Village to confront the terrible shaman and put an end to his deprivations.

Month 3, Day 22

We spent the day at Hazel’s house relaxing and telling stories of our great adventures.

Month 3, Day 23

Feeling indulgent we spent another lazy day at Hazel’s eating delicious food and spoiling ourselves rotten. Tomorrow we head to Mean Owl Village!