Windsong Abbey

Date: 07/01/2017 Time: 6 hours


Month 7, Day 5 – Continued

We continued on after Mud healed us from the fight with the strange Redcap creatures and entered a dining room where some ettins and a giant attacked us. We killed and proceeded up some stairs where a strange zombie creature who seemed rather depressed and his mummy and demonic allies attacked us. We killed after a tough battle, healed up, and then proceeded through a doorway into a lovely pool.

Two creatures attacked us but we killed apparently quickly and easily but they continually rose from the dead. Eventually we realized an invisible spellcaster was healing them. It turned out to be a Medusa! She stoned poor Wart who was the only one of us who could see her. Loeb applied Stone Salve to Wart who then dispersed the ability to see invisible to several of us and we were able to kill the woman before she turned anyone else to stone. Whew.

We used another Stone Salve to free a woman who turned out to Koriah Azmeren who is the daughter of one of the abbots. Her father sent a magical message to summon her to help but she was overcome by the Medusa. She told us survivors would be in the Bell Tower so we proceeded there.

Her father, Casamar told us the leader of the attackers was a fellow named Ardathanatus who carried a Shard. He apparently murdered someone from the abbey years ago and was expelled. Now he was back to take his revenge. He headed through the Dooomsday Door toward an ancient temple of Groetus where apparently some sort of clock is counting down to the end of the world!

We decided to follow after and Koriah insisted on joining us.

In the lower level we encountered quite a number of skulking creatures that have the ability to blend into the background. They used armor penetrating arrows that Loeb quickly liberated. A giantess also attacked and she seems enamored with this Ardathanatus fellow. After kill them all we gathered their treasure and planned to continue to explore.