The Hammer of Fire – Update

The Hammer of Fire is the planned third novel in my Corland series of books. It details the adventures of Dol Delius as he steals the Hammer of Fire from its sacred spot in the hidden dwarf citadel of Craggen Steep and sets out to destroy the greatest and first fire elemental, Gazadum.

I’m currently in the early stages of the rough draft. I’ve finished the prolog and now am in the midst of the opening chapters.


Staff of Sakatha – Update

I’ve finished my first run through the working draft of my second novel, The Staff of Sakatha. The story largely takes place in the free nation of Elekargul as Jon Gray from Tanelorn visits the freeriders. He hopes to obtain the Staff of Sakatha for his father, the Gray Lord, in far off Tanelorn.

I’ve also commissioned a friend of mine and an incredible artist, Den Dotson, to do the cover page for me. Finally, my stalwart proofeader, mom, is ready to take red pencil to hand and find all my mistakes so that I can avoid publishing a novel with many typos. Thanks mom!


The Author

On this blog I’ll keep my legion of readers up to date on the progress of my various literary efforts. I mainly write fantasy and science fiction novels and am currently self-published.

My first novel, The Staff of Naught, is available for the Kindle, Nook, or any device with an application for those two tools. See the Staff of Naught page for information on how to purchase the novel for $2.99.