Baby Pix – To Like or Not to Like?

Baby Pix on FacebookI’m single, never married, lacking immediate prospects, and have no children.

While I’m happy not to have any children myself I’m not unhappy to see baby pictures of friends and family on Facebook. I’m not one to begrudge a doting parent a bit of pride in their child. I have a policy that I don’t “Like” the pictures because I feel I’m leaping into an bottomless pit. If I like my sister’s baby pictures then what does that say if I don’t like my friend’s baby pictures?

What if I like it but don’t comment?

I probably worry to much, it’s a family trait, but still. Do my friends and family count up Likes on each baby picture. Is there a  pecking order? Tom gave me three likes but Bill gave me seven so I’m inviting him dinner this week. Tom didn’t give any Likes so he must hate that I post baby pictures on Facebook.

I’m certainly not saying that parents of young babies are trolling for Likes. I have no doubt they are proud of their little bundles of joy and the ability to post pictures online is very useful for grandmothers, grandfathers, and other interested parties. I think people should post pictures of things they love on Facebook. I’m just concerned when I find myself Liking the fact that ESPN is going to be televising the Dota2  Championship while completely overlooking the adorable picture of my friend Diana with her husband and baby. Is there something wrong with me?

Do my friends and family think I hate babies?

I will admit that I’m not a big fan of holding babies because goo tends to spill out of them at inopportune moments but that distaste doesn’t carry over to Facebook pictures.

What’s the rule in these matters? Should I Like pictures of nieces and nephew but refrain from more distantly related or unrelated pictures? Is my policy of no Likes the best policy? Should I just like every picture on general principle?

Help me out parents! Let me know what I should be doing.

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