Binary or not Binary

binary-problemsThis world is made up of two kinds of people.

  1. Morons who think things are binary
  2. The enlightened who understand things are not binary.

And, to be clear, morons, I’m one of the enlightened non-binaries. You, fool reading this, are a binary cave dweller.


Do you see!!

There’s just two kinds of people. The enlightened people who realize everything is not binary, like me. Because we’re better than you (just in case you weren’t following). And then there’s the rest of you idiots. There is no middle ground. I want to be very clear on this.

It’s us intelligent, kind, thinking, non-binaries who understand the world isn’t a zero or a one and the rest of you, who we hate (to be clear). You are stupid and wrong about everything!!!!!! And we’re smart and right about everything!!!!!!

I hope I’ve cleared things up for you, binary idiots. Now, I’m going to go have some overpriced coffee with my non-binary friends where we will make fun of you and call you stupid.

Have a nice day, because, you see, I’m a good person who is just making the world a better place.

Tom Liberman
Sword and Sorcery fantasy with a Libertarian Ideology
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2 thoughts on “Binary or not Binary

  1. WTH? OMG! Good thing you didn’t put the survey at the bottom of this one

    ____ You nailed it Tom, good job
    ____ You couldn’t be more wrong, idiot
    ____ You make some points but it’s more nuanced than that
    _x___ No clue what the hell this was about, too dumb to understand!

    There are geeks & there are people who are not geeks, if you understand this…. (LOL)

    • This blog post is confusing out of context. I had just read a vicious rant from a Transgender Social Justice Warrior attacking anyone who dared disagree with them in any way. That anyone who dared disagree even in the smallest of ways was horribly wrong and evil.

      The point I’m trying to make, sarcastically, is that Social Justice Warriors seem to be the ones who far more frequently paint people as for me or against me, or in their terms binary. That they are far more binary in their thinking than those they oppose. They put other people into categories far more than other people put them into categories.

      So, that was the idea although in my rant-rage, that might not have been clear.

      Thanks for the comment and come back any time!


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