Critical Thinking Fail – The Curve Ball

Curve BallI pretty frequently come across an article where I see a failure in critical thinking skills. I don’t think there is really enough to write an entire topic about the article but I want to call attention to it so I’ve decided to start a Critical Thinking Fail series. I’ll basically post the article whenever I spot something that strikes me as meeting this criteria. I’ll post a link to the article and what I think is the failure and you can decide if you agree with me or not. I’ll include a poll with the article.

So, here is the first:

The Curve Ball

Basically, there was a study to determine the danger of young kids throwing curve balls. They have long been banned for fear of damage to young arms. The study indicates that curve balls are no more dangerous than other pitches for young arms. The real danger seems to be the total number of pitches thrown with higher numbers causing more damage.

The critical thinking fail comes from Dr. Timothy Kremchek who is a surgeon and doctor fo the Cincinnati Reds. He lambastes Little League’s decision to not outlaw curve balls, based on the evidence of the study, as “irresponsible”. It makes him “sick to his stomach” and he’s “pretty sure” curve balls cause the damage. I’m sure he’s a well meaning fellow but evidence is evidence. Science is science, studies are studies.

So, Dr. Kremchek, you win my Critical Thinking Fail Award!

Read the article and tell me if you agree or not!

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