Sikh Temple Murderer – Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong Again – Moron

TurbanAnyone who attacks unarmed civilians to make a political point is a disgusting piece of garbage but Wade Michael Page leaps to the bottom of the class of morons.

Let me count the ways this moron is a moron.

In his act of bravery to save the United States from those of a different color than him, Page murdered a bunch of unarmed citizens and shot the heroic police officer who came to help them. Shooting innocent people doesn’t make you friends, it doesn’t inspire other people, it shames them.

Sikhs!? Really? Sikhs? The Sikhs whose last name is Singh which means “the lion”. They live up to that. The main tenant of the Sikh religion is protecting the religious and political rights of all people and preventing discrimination.

The fighting lions who make up 1.87% of the Indian population and 15% of its army and 20% of its officers?

The Sikhs who thrive in every society they live in? Who make up prominent intellectuals and whose hard-work has led them to tremendous success in every culture? Who helped build the Atomic bomb that ended World War II?

Sikhs like Gobind Singh who fought with the British in World War II?

Sikhs like Uday Singh Taunque who died for you, Wade Michael Page?

Sikhs like Ajaypal Singh Banga who runs MasterCard?

You, butt-wipe Wade Michael Page, and anyone like you is a moron. An idiot. If you want to help the United States of America, shoot yourself in the head.

I have a bulletin for everyone out there. In America we want people who work hard and succeed! Come on over! It is Sikh men and women and those like them that make America great. Mind you, this is coming from an Atheist.

Men and women who work hard and achieve success? Yeah, that’s who we need to kill to make the United States great again. You murderous, vile, moron!!

I’m a little pissed about this one. You may have guessed.

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