Anti-Hate Hate Critical Thinking Fail

Critical ThinkingIt’s time for another installment of my Critical Thinking Fail series!

This article came across my screen today and I immediately realized it had to come into my blog.

Basically the idea is that a group dedicated to opposing fascist and neo-nazis decided it would be a good idea to attack a group they suspected of fitting into those categories. They arrived at a nice family restaurant in the town of Tinley Park, Il and immediately attacked. Police were called. The restaurant suffered severe damage. Arrests were made. Victims were taken to the hospital.

I’m of the opinion that hating hate-groups isn’t the worst thing in the world to hate but it sort of, by definition, makes you a hate group. I’ve always thought the best strategy was to ignore the lunatic fringe because they thrive on publicity. That’s probably a topic for another day. Tell me what you think in the poll below.

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