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Misleading WebsiteI just read an interesting story about how the National Republican Congressional Committee has launched a series of websites designed to raise funds. What’s interesting about the sites is that a quick perusal suggests that are designed to raise donations for a Democratic candidate.

If you go to the site that is mentioned in the article you will see that at first glance it pretty clearly associates itself with the Democratic candidate and only when you notice one word do you realize that it is actually a fundraising site for Republicans.

There is a picture of the democratic candidate with her name and the word Congress on it. It apparently uses the same color scheme as the candidates own website but it notes that you will be contributing to defeat that candidate, not to that candidate.

The article mentions that democrats are not innocent in all this nonsense as there is this site that is designed to deceive.

I’m sure my democratic friends will call the republicans evil lying schemers and my republican friends will laugh at how stupid and gullible are democrats. If the situation was reversed the reaction would be the same from opposite sides.

People don’t care if you lie, steal, and cheat to win an election. They expect it. They pat you on the back when you win. As long as its your side doing it, it’s fine.

Any news story that has factual information crediting one side is dismissed by the other. Any movement in a reasonable direction by one side is attacked by the other.

There is little rational discourse. The talking heads blame each other and the citizens of our nation get down on their knees, lap up the lies, and beg for more. As long as the lies come from their side.

There is an unwillingness to play fair, to behave with honor.

In the United States greed is good. Winning is the only thing. Integrity has no place in our nation anymore and certainly not at the voting booth.

Then the voters are absolutely stunned to find someone from their party is involved in campaign finance shenanigans. Dismayed I tell you!

Well, if you keep voting for the best liar, what sort of person do you expect will represent you in Congress?

Here’s the thing. For all my gloom and doom; we vote in an entirely new government every six years. Two years for the House of Representatives, four for the Presidency, and six for the Senate.

At the end of every six-year period we have had a chance to elect men and women with integrity. Men and women who want what’s best for our nation, not their political party.

I’m not giving up! I’m going to continue to vote entirely Independent be it Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, or Gary Johnson. I’m going to continue to write this blog.

Maybe my votes and my blog won’t solve what ails this nation, but they sure can’t make it worse.

Tom Liberman
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