Critical Thinking Fail – Hot Fry Attack

friesI read all sorts of stories these days that I would have skipped in the past as I look for fodder for my blog. I came across this one today and it makes me sad.

It’s hard for me to list all the critical thinking failures that go into this single story. I’ll recap and let you decide what was the biggest critical thinking failure of the bunch. It’s not an easy decision.

A husband along with his wife and step-daughter were in the car after visiting McDonald’s. The husband and wife were fighting and the daughter tried to intervene. The husband then threw his french fries and hit the daughter in the face and chest. The husband later left the home of the couple and the wife then reported the crime. The police arrested the husband and now plan to charge him with felony assault. In Massachusetts felony assault carries a maximum penalty of five years although if the victim was a minor, as in this case, it can be more.

Let’s recap all the failures in thinking.

  1. Having a screaming fight in front of your child and in the car
  2. Getting between two idiots fighting each other
  3. Throwing something potentially dangerous at a child (depending on how hot I can actually see fries as a dangerous weapon although I’m a bit suspect in this case)
  4. Calling the police and pressing charges for throwing fries at someone
  5. Actually bring felony assault charges, costing taxpayers serious money, and dragging this out for years

I’m willing to the give the little girl a pass on #2 as she doesn’t have a lot of experience in life but hopefully it’s a lesson well learned. Stay away from screaming idiots, they’ll turn on you in an instant. They’re idiots.

I’m also willing to give a partial pass to the District Attorney and Police because if the woman was insistent on pressing charges there might have been pressure from above. Still, this isn’t my vote, it’s yours.

So, my loyal friends. What was the biggest Critical Thinking Fail is this lovely story?

Tom Liberman

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