The Worst Investment Ever – Stupid Headline

Warren Buffet Investment StrategyMotley Fool once again rises to the top of the weekly heap with what is truly a stupid headline but for different reasons than usual.

Warren Buffett Says This Is the Worst Investment You Could Ever Own blares the headline.

The headline is so stupid that most rational people will assume it is a nonsense, sensational story. That’s why this headline wins my weekly award. The story is well-written and gives solid financial advice. Avoid large sums of cash as an investment and put your money where it will grow.

The article notes that the majority of people in the country believe that holding cash is your best investment and that purchasing stocks is your fourth best choice. There are a number of graphs and other items sprinkled throughout the article but its basic message is extremely sound. A small amount of cash (as a percentage of your portfolio) is a good idea but if you are not taking advantage of growth funds you are essentially throwing money away.

My message to Motley Fool this week? Don’t hide useful articles behind sensationalist headlines. Something simple like Warren Buffet explains why Cash is a Bad Investment would suffice and, I think, draw in far more viewers.

When you persist in wild headlines you eventually become the boy who cried wolf too much and people will simply ignore your articles, or at least rational people will do so. At least rational people who aren’t scouring the headlines looking for stupidity!

Tom Liberman
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