Wolf Hunting in Wyoming

Yellowstone WolfThere is a great success story in the environmental world taking place in Wyoming and surrounding Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. The reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone has been so successful that it is now possible to open a hunting season on the species. I’m of the opinion that we should be proud as Americans of our efforts to reintroduce the wolf and allow hunting of the noble beasts.

I know that there are many who remain opposed both to the reintroduction of the predator and to opening hunting of it. However, it’s this sort of enlightened compromise that leads to real solutions. Originally most ranchers were opposed to the reintroduction efforts assuming the wolves would prey upon their cattle. These animals represent a threat to the livelihood of ranchers and their fears were somewhat justified although I think largely mistaken. Wolf depredation of cattle is fairly minimal and with increasingly aggressive control actually reduced in recent years. Let’s not kid ourselves though, wolves do kill cattle and ranchers are entitled to compensation. That being said, the wolves certainly increase tourism dollars to the state and in some ways increase said ranchers revenue.

The beauty of a wild wolf pack is undeniable and I hope to someday take a ranch vacation in Wyoming or the region for horseback riding and hopefully wolf spotting. The United States suffers when we let such creatures become extinct. I think it is our duty to protect animals like this even if it means certain compromises.

My main thought here is that wolves were given protection, multiplied, and now can be hunted which is a win/win for everyone. Environmentalist win, hunters win, and to some degree even ranchers win when they are fairly compensated for their losses.

I wish we could see this spirit of compromise in all our political endeavors. It is obvious to me that the tendency to push through legislation without compromise because one party has sufficient votes is detrimental to our nation. Those of us in the middle would well benefit from compromise with our counterparts on the opposite side of the divide. When we in the middle refuse to compromise we only empower those who hold extreme views. Perhaps we could even forge some real solutions to this nation’s problems.

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5 thoughts on “Wolf Hunting in Wyoming

  1. You know, I was staunchly against the hunting of wolves.. and in a lot of ways I still am, but I agree with you on the point that there can be a balance. I believe in the reintroduction of the species in a lot of places, and I agree that it needs to be done with consideration to the people involved.

    While I still believe that the politics surrounding wolf hunts is largely imbalanced on the side of ranchers and oil companies (Canada and Alaska)… it’s nice to see rational thought on the matter.



    • Thank you for the comment, Senator.

      It is sometimes difficult to promote compromise in today’s political environment but I think moderates of both parties are closer to one another than the extremes of either. It is important to find middle-ground in order for the rational middle to prevail.

      Thanks again for the comment and disagree with me any time!


      • No problem. I reserve the right to disagree with you. 🙂 But, seriously, I do like the middle ground and know that it is the only way for us to progress as a people… and as werewolves. Oops, was that out loud?! Crap!


  2. Totally Agree with a Scientific Approach vs Oil/Coal Politics, Once Habitats are no longer fragmented and Wolf Packs have Genetic Diversity then hunting them a little would be good.
    Look at how these Majestic Animals Brought Back and Improved Aspens, Cottonwoods, Fox, Beaver, Many song Birds, Eagles/Hawks, Bison, Grizzly, etc just by changing behavior of elk herds. The Elk herds are doing fine as well and in balance.

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