Cyber Fugitive? Misleading Headline

Cyber Fugitive HeadlineI know, it’s only Tuesday but when you see a headline as stupid as the one I’m about to show you, well, you just can’t resist. The fact that the headline is an extension of a story I’ve already written about doesn’t hurt. Go ahead and read my post to find out the full details of his arrest and the freezing of his assets. The details of the case should frighten any Libertarian.

Here’s the headline:

Cyber Fugitive Dotcom mocks authorities…

In early 2012 the government of New Zealand, with the help of the FBI, raided the home of Kim Dotcom and arrested him. He spent some time in jail essentially being tortured. He had his company and his money taken from him despite the fact that he still hasn’t stood any sort of trial.

Now this headline! Cyber Fugitive?

  1. He’s not cyber. He’s quite real and rather rotund.
  2. He’s not a fugitive. He’s out on bail.

Congratulations Reuters! You win the stupid headline of the week. As an added bonus take pride in the fact that I awarded you the win and it’s only Tuesday!

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