Women Can’t Get Divorced in Alabama – Misleading Headline

Same Sex MarriageRight at the buzzer we have our misleading headline of the week! I had all but given up but I should have known that something would come along.

Judge: Married women can’t divorce in Alabama blares the headline from the Associated Press.

So what is the article really about? Two women got married in a state where such marriage are legal and are now trying to get a divorce in a state where it is not legal.

I happen to agree with the judge in that if a state doesn’t recognize a marriage it certainly is not legally possible for it to recognize the divorce. It’s perfectly possible for one state to make marrying your cousin illegal while another state recognizes such pairings. If you traveled all the way to Iowa to get married, then head on back and get the divorce. One state is not obligated to have the same laws as any other state nor recognize said laws.

What makes me angry is the misleading nature of the headline. It reads as though all women in Alabama will no longer be able to divorce their spouses.

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