Where is Gary Johnson?

Gary JohnsonThe second Presidential Debate is going on about now, or so I’d guess. I’m not watching. My guy wasn’t invited … again.

Gary Johnson.

Live Free. Live free, my friends. Live free.

As of this moment Gary Johnson will not become President of the United States. Libertarian candidates in general will not win many elections for Senator, Governor, Congressman, or much of anything else at a national or state level.

The world is approaching a crisis and a great man once told a nation that the only thing they had to fear was fear itself. The closer we get to this crisis the more fear paralyzes us into inaction.

Are you afraid of Obama? Are you afraid of Romney? Are you afraid of Iran getting nuclear weapons? Are you afraid for Social Security? Is your fear driving your vote?

Are you willing to sacrifice your freedom for the illusion of safety?

Are you afraid of “throwing your vote away”?

Are you absolutely certain you’re right? Are you sure the other guy is wrong? Do you skip listening and reading other points of view?

If so, then we don’t want you now, but we hope you’ll give up on fear and join us.

We want people who know that a vote a Gary Johnson is a vote for Gary Johnson. We want people who understand that hardship is part of life. We want people who think it’s not wrong to help those who are suffering. We want people who are willing to work with those who don’t agree with them. We want people who listen to the other side of an argument. We want people who know it’s easy to make a mistake, who are willing to admit a mistake, who are willing to forgive someone else for making a mistake. We want people who know there are no easy answers and anyone trying to sell them is a charlatan.

If you are afraid; then you should feel right at home in the United States of America, the land where fear mongering wins elections and reasonable compromise is forgotten.

We can change everything. Every election we get that opportunity. We might not make change this time, or next time, but we’re here, and we’re not giving up.

Tom Liberman
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7 thoughts on “Where is Gary Johnson?

    • Thank you for the comment uprise1991. I totally agree that if people heard Johnson they would understand the ideas Libertarians are talking about. The problem is that voters are tied so fundamentally to their candidate and party that they don’t want to listen to anyone else. We both realize this benefits Republicans and Democrats mutually and they prefer it this way. Only when mainstream voters begin to recognize this fact will things change. So, how do we get people to recognize it? That’s the question. I’m trying in my own little way as are you. Keep up the good work and hopefully we can change the direction of the world.

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  2. Great article. The Committee on Presidential Debates is a cabal. It’s run with “bipartisan” (like that’s a good thing) support, and it’s effectively designed to keep the two-party monopoly going. It’s a shame that third parties weren’t included, but it was to be expected, sadly enough.

    I think that Libertarians need to get to work right after this election. The problem is that most voters haven’t even heard of Gary Johnson, much less considered him as a viable candidate. Until awareness is raised, third parties won’t be able to make a difference in Washington DC and at the local level. I think that’s key.

    • Thank you for the comment, Kayhan. While I agree that many people do not know about Gary Johnson my experience is that the big problem is most voters are convinced that if the other person wins the election it will cause them to lose their way of life, that great calamity will befall them. That’s fear. That’s what keep provides the major support for Democrats and Republicans. I’m honestly not finding almost anyone who actually likes Mitt Romney all that much but their fear of Obama drives their votes. That could just be my experience, no national polling was done! Come back anytime!

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