That’s a lot of Butter!

23 Sticks of Butter per DayThe misleading headline of the week is more like a mistake than an intentionally misleading headline. Americans consume 23 sticks of butter a day screams the headline but when you click the article it switches from Day to Year and all is well.

The article goes on to state that Americans ate up to 72 sticks of a butter a year back in the 1920’s before processed food began to take over. It also makes note that most doctors don’t consider the fat in butter to increase the risk of heart disease so essentially the entire article is completely different than the headline indicates.

The headline would have us believe that Americans are eating a huge and dangerous amount of butter but the opposite seems to be true. More butter is actually good for you if it is exchanged for trans fat.

So, there you go. Don’t believe everything you read, particularly when you just read the headline.

Congratulations Wall Street Cheat Sheet, you win this week’s competition.

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