Causes of Anti-Muslim Sentiment- Film vs. Film Protests

Muslim anti-film ProtestsHey religious nut-job fanatics, I’ve got news for you. If you want to know why people hate your ridiculous religion don’t blame a stupid film, blame your fanatical reaction to the film. We hear again and again how “moderate” religious idiotic nut-jobs condemn their fanatical counterparts. I’ve got news for you “moderates”, you’re the problem also.

When you preach the nonsense of the Quran or the Bible or the Torah you are inevitably going to engender murderous lunatics who will defend the nonsense to the death. They will strap bombs to their children. They will kill anyone, anytime, anywhere, for any reason.

I’m tired of trying to be nice about it. I’m tired of looking at religious people who are nice, kind, generous, and my friends, and trying to figure out what part of religion is bad and what is good. It’s time to grow up. There is no god. Any sane look at the Quran, Bible, or Torah finds obvious inaccuracies. Read them word for word. You don’t need me to explain what parts are insane.

Ok, read this nonsense and tell me I’m wrong.

I’m not saying if we all become Atheists the violence will stop. People are prone to violence. They will find an excuse to commit violence. Let’s just give them one less excuse.

Muslims, dear muslims. I hate you. I hate your worship. Christians, I hate you, less, but I hate you. Jews, I hate you also. Wiccans, go jump in a lake, I hate you. Sikhs, Pagans, Buddhists, yeah, I hate you also. Hindus, Chinese Folk religions, yeah, don’t feel left out, I hate you too. Scientologists and Mormons, oh yeah, I really hate you.

Despite all this hate I’m not going to kill any of you. I’m not going to punch you in the face, I’m not even going to make a mean face behind your back, why? Because I’m rational, you sir/ma’am, are not.

So take your stupid biblical quote football game banners, your moronic God hates Fags signs, your murderous bounties, and stop bothering me! Worship all you want. Teach your children there is a giant metal teapot in the sky that boils over and makes rain. I don’t care. Just leave me out of it. Do it in your house, in your pretend church to your pretend god. Take it out of the streets my taxpayer dollars built, take it out of the stadiums my taxpayer dollars built. Out of the schools my ridiculous property taxes built. You sicken me, yep, even you so-called moderates.

I’m sure I’m over-reacting but really, seriously, do you see what is happening in this world?

Tom Liberman
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