Paul Ryan and the Pony Party

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I’ve noticed I’m still getting some hits on this story but fewer on my follow-up apology. For those who read this make sure to note the comments. I made a major mistake here and an alert reader spotted it for me. The link to my apology is below. Thanks!



Now I’m mad.

Congressman Paul Ryan, you disgust me. I’ll post the quote from this story.

For those of us who would have voted in the primaries for, say, Ron Paul, why should we vote for you and not, say, libertarians or Vermin Supreme and the Pony Party or something like that?

Paul Ryan thinks Libertarians like myself, people who respect the integrity of Congressman Paul, are comparable to people who think this man should be president.

I’m going to clue in you Congressman Ryan. I’m Libertarian because I love my country. I’m a Libertarian because I believe in personal rights and¬†limited government. I love the Constitution of the United States. I love the freedom on which the country grew and became strong. But to you I’m someone who votes for the Pony Party?

Die Congressman Ryan. Seriously. Die and make this country a better place. Hang your head in shame. You miserable excuse for a human. How dare you? How dare you!

In your disgusting desperation to win an election you stoop to claiming I think the United States of America is a joke? That elections are fun and games? That voting for Gary Johnson is equivalent to voting for a gag candidate? You know nothing of Libertarianism, of real conservatism. Nothing!

I will never vote for you. Never! I hope no one votes for a disgusting piece of garbage like you. I hope you lose your seat in Congress. I hope your cronies refuse to give you a million dollar a year job after you lose the election.

If you want to know why I’m a Libertarian Congressman Ryan, look in the mirror.

You think I care if Obama wins compared to Romney? You’re a fool. I vote for Gary Johnson not to prevent Romney from winning but because I love my country. Would that everyone felt the same.

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4 thoughts on “Paul Ryan and the Pony Party

  1. Try again. I was there. A handsome gentleman from the audience was responsible for the above quote. Try to read That article again and this time read all the words….yes even the hard ones. This is not a quote from Ryan. It was from a handsome bearded fellow who made a very good point.

    • Good call. I did misread. Ryan’s response to that question was Do you want Barack Obama to be re-elected?” Ryan asked. “Then don’t vote for Ron Paul. My reaction is relatively similiar but muted. I don’t think Republicans or Democrats appreciate how much we disdain both parties and their argument that we have to vote for one or the other is still misguided.

      I’m glad Ryan didn’t compare Libertarians to a joke candidate and I certainly withdraw my more stringent words and offer my apologies. My base message, that we don’t want either of them stands though, I think it’s a horrible point, not a good one as you suggest. I’m not voting for a Republican to avoid a Democrat or vice versa. It’s an argument that keeps them both in power and those who fall for it apparently like the status-quo. The lesser of two evils is evil.

      I’ve posted an apology for my mistake here. Thanks again for pointing it out and please com back and disagree, or point out mistakes, any time!


    • Thank you for the comment, Vermin.

      Why are you begging my pardon? While I’m sure you have many supporters, some of whom are Libertarians, the reality is that you’re not a serious candidate for various offices for which you have run. The idea of my post was that Congressman Ryan was trying to equate the entire Libertarian Party with yourself. It wasn’t Ryan who made the comment but someone in the crowd and I misread the story. My point stands. The Libertarian Party is a serious party with serious candidates. I appreciate that you are serious in your quest for notoriety but I put it to you, that if you are going to be honest with me and yourself, you are not a serious candidate for political office.

      Best of luck!


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