Gravity Changed – Stupid Comment

Earth-Gravity-IdiocyI read a lot of news articles every week and generally sample the comment section to see what people are thinking. While doing so I run across a lot of trolling, racism, and sheer stupidity.

I have my Misleading Headline of the Week but I’m considering adding a weekly Stupid Comment of the Week to the my regular posts. If I continue this trend I will try not to post Trolls but legitimate comments made by people who just didn’t think it all the way through.

We’re all guilty of that on occasion, so don’t get too high and mighty because your comment might be the next one I do!

Anyway, here’s the first and maybe last

The original article describes how researchers recently discovered the remnants of a large Henge built not far from Stonehenge. All that’s left is a few underground pieces of rock but it’s an impressive find.

The person who commented apparently thinks that the site was built at the time the Earth was still forming and had a much smaller gravity. The lack of basic knowledge about gravity, the geologic timeline of the earth, the nature of a man-made structure, and a number of other factors makes this comment my inaugural entry.

So, what do you think? Is this a feature I should continue?

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