Baby It’s Cold Outside and Political Affiliation

Baby It's Cold Outside

The latest political controversy involves the song Baby It’s Cold Outside and whether or not radio stations should be playing it this Christmas season. I think the divide neatly illustrates a strong political division that embroils our nation. Basically, we have Democrats and Republicans on one side and Libertarians on the other. This is the special frustration of Libertarians because if you ask most Republicans and Democrats, they will vehemently deny they are on the same side of this issue. I’ll explain.

Whether your want a radio station to play Baby It’s Cold Outside or not is irrelevant. If you are making posts on Social Media, urging people to listen to or boycott a station because they are or are not playing the song; you are attempting to enforce your sensibilities on other people. You are one in the same either way. You are a force of coercion. Republicans and Democrats will come up with every excuse in the book to pretend they are not part of this concerted effort to enforce their will upon others who disagree. I’m not actually telling them, I’m not holding a gun to their head, I’m not passing a law about it. You are bringing pressure to bear in order to force others to do as you want.

The other side of that coin is a Libertarian. If a radio stations wants to play the song, go right ahead. If you don’t want to play Baby It’s cold Outside, that’s just fine also. If I have strong feelings one way or the other, I will listen to that song when it comes on or I will turn the channel. I will not attempt through boycott or other method of coercion to force my sensibilities on you. I trust you, as an adult, to make your own decision on the matter.

This misconception about Democrats and Republicans being on the opposite of issues is apparent in many different musical ways. One group has no problem with a country song that glorifies killing one’s wife and watching her bleed to death while the second has no problem with a hip-hop song encouraging the killing of law enforcement officers. And, of course, they absolutely decry and attempt the reverse from playing on any radio station because we must protect the children!

In summary: You are a lowly worm, afraid of your own shadow, thinking you are better and kinder than others, you believe that which you support should be forced upon everyone and that which you despise should be forbidden to all. I am a Champion of Freedom. When someone comes to take your music, I will stand against them regardless of the nature of that music. Despite this I extend my hand to you, join me, climb aboard, you are welcome here.

Should you decline my offer and continue on your current course; that’s fine also, you be you.

Tom Liberman

Apology to Congressman Ryan

ImageOne of my loyal viewers, or possibly a mere passerby, pointed out that I misread the quote from Congressman Ryan yesterday. The quote I read was actually from the audience member and not the Congressman. Ryan responded by telling the questioner not to vote for Congressman Ron Paul (who is not actually running) unless he, the questioner, wanted President Obama to win.

This certainly changes my reaction. Ryan was not comparing Libertarians to a joke candidate although his basic argument, that we must vote for a Republican to avoid a Democrat rather than voting for who we actually want is still misguided. It’s the mantra of both parties to keep themselves in power but it’s certainly not something new or something that would enrage me.

I am sorry for having misread the article and apologize to Congressman Ryan and the five people so far who read my blog post (I’m not exactly a heavy hitter in the blogosphere). Still, it’s embarrassing to make mistakes and I apologize. I pride myself on making sure I read entire articles and try to get both points of view so it’s a humbling mistake. They do happen and, again, I’m sorry that I made this one.

Tom Liberman