The Spear of the Hunt

The Sword of Water

I just wrapped up the rough draft on what will be my fifth novel, The Spear of the Hunt.

Whew. The picture is the cover of my last novel.

I don’t have a lot of fans but I appreciate the few kind words I do get from those who’ve taken the chance on spending $2.99 and hours of their time reading the efforts of a self-published author.

Be warned, the outline on the website is not completely accurate. Things change as I’m writing and will change again as I start on my working drafts. I’ll get around to fixing the web page fairly soon.

My writing process is that I think about the book for a period of time, maybe six months, maybe less, jot down ideas, characters, plots, themes, conflicts, figure out a good ending, and what not. Then, suddenly, I can’t say why, I start writing.

My goal is 5,000 words a day and I pretty much hit it. I wrote 97,246 words of the rough draft in twenty days. Naturally, much of it needs work. When you write that fast a lot of mistakes get made. That’s why I’ll get started on the working draft soon. I’ll probably have at least two of those, more likely three although each one requires fewer changes.

Then it’s off to the proofreader and finally self-publishing at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Nook.

I’d say maybe two months until publishing. Maybe less. We’ll see. Right now I’m a little tired of writing.

Tom Liberman

Sword and Sorcery fantasy with a Libertarian Twist
Current Release: The Sword of Water
Upcoming Release: The Spear of the Hunt