Do you want to be a Millionaire?

MillionaireThat’s the question that I saw posted on Facebook and the vehemence of my reaction surprised me. Fuck no.

I want to earn millions of dollars. I write my books and I want people to love them. I love writing them. I want people to read my books and understand the philosophical ideology¬†behind them. That we make our destiny in this world of ours. That those who work hard and treat others with honor earn their millions. Don’t give me a million dollars because I picked a randoms series of numbers.

I want people to buy my books by the millions. I want movie studios to understand the power of the words I write and offer me millions, tens of millions of dollars because turning my books into movies will entertain countless fans and earn money for other people. I don’t want you to spend your $2.99 on my books to make me a millionaire. I want you to spend that money because you love reading my books. I want you to spend that money because the ideas of decency, fair-play, hard-work, personal responsibility, and independent action resonate with you.

I do not pursue millions of dollars. I pursue doing things I love. I pursue writing books I love. I pursue a fulfilling life. I pursue spending my time with interesting people who enrich my life.

This is what Ayn Rand was writing about and she was right. Howard Rourke did not pursue wealth. He pursued the glory of his craft. John Galt did not pursue millions nor did Dagny Taggert and Francisco d’Anconia. Those who think the point Rand made¬†was that money is the motivator don’t understand her and they won’t understand this post.


No, I do not want to “be” a millionaire. I reject the notion out of hand. I want to earn millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions. I want you to read my books. I want you to love reading my books as much as I love writing them.

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2 thoughts on “Do you want to be a Millionaire?

  1. Ignoring that markets dictate what you can make money with. Ignoring that markets are fear and competition based and that once they are saturated there are only dysfunctional things left to do in exchange for money. Ignoring that our monetary system necessitates infinite growth and thus wars, terror, climate change, 2-3 billion destructive, pointless, systemic #bullshitjobs, a collapsing society, millions of refugees, nationalism and racism …

    I highly recommend reading the following two books in order to transcend your very limited world view … unless you want to wake up to a destroyed world and society and to the fact that your fear/ego/competition based high entropy approach to life caused all of this …

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