Jahi McMath – What is Compassionate and Caring?

jahi mcmathI wrote about the Jahi McMath case just a short time ago and, sadly, events are following the lines that I predicted. I’ve talked to a number of people about the case and I read many comments. My plan today isn’t to reiterate my original position, it hasn’t changed, but to examine the nature of who is compassionate and caring in this battle and who is a heartless monster.

A quick recap. McMath went in for a tonsillectomy to relieve sleep apnea and in post-operation began to bleed. The bleeding proved uncontrollable and she died. She was connected to a respirator and continues on in that condition despite that fact that she has been ruled brain-dead by a number of physicians.

The hospital told the family they would be removing life-support about a week after McMath was declared dead. The family fought this and got a stay from a judge. The family has since been searching for a facility that will provide long-term care for the corpse. This is what I suspected would happen.

Now to the point of my blog. When I wrote a post that the hospital should discontinue life-support I got a number of negative replies. The hospital is receiving venomous attacks for the death and for their policy of stopping life-support. In comment sections in general I’ve seen one nasty attack after the next against people who suggest that life-support be halted. The hospital is now refusing to put feeding tubes into the corpse which is complicating the transfer of the corpse to a long-term facility. People don’t much like that either, they think the hospital should pay for everything and do everything.

Whenever I talk about this situation I feel like I have to be clear that I’m not a heartless, uncaring wretch. I always preface my arguments with the comments like “it’s a horrible tragedy but ….”

Well, I’ve had enough. The hospital is the good guy here. I’m the good guy. The people who are suggesting the family acknowledge events and move on are the good guys!

The bad guys are the ones who are encouraging the family to visit a corpse every day for the rest of their lives. The bad guys are the ones who write supportive comments to the family. McMath is dead. If the family cannot accept that they will spend the rest of their lives in a horrible lie. They will spend every dollar they make at the “caring” facility that takes the girl. The facility knows the girl is dead, they just want to steal the family money. That’s evil.

I realize I’m coming across as heartless here but I don’t care. Me, the hospital, and those like us are the ones who offer the family a real future. We’re the ones who actually care. The truth may hurt; but lies cause far more damage.

If someone is close to the McMath family and really, truly cares about them; tell them the truth. Encourage them to move on. Life is for the living.

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4 thoughts on “Jahi McMath – What is Compassionate and Caring?

    • Thank you for the comment, Someone.

      I’m not convinced the family, particular the mother, is out for profit, they are just delusional.

      As far as other people are concerned, I’m afraid you’re completely correct.

      I suspect the Facilitated Communicators will be heading out to meet with this family soon so as to get their share.


  1. what about Steven Thorpe, Raleane Kupferschmidt , Zack Dunlap & Sam Schmid ??? all diagnosed brain dead, but recovered. Now does this guarantee Jahi’s recovery?…no, it doesn’t, but it does support the possibility. I admire your resolve and your unwavering strength to support what you believe…it speaks very highly of your character. I don’t think that you’re a bad person for stating your beliefs. i think you’re a realist, and I commend you because it’s rare in this day and age to remain steadfast when others hurl insults and accusations against your character because of that strength. Nevertheless, our beliefs in this situation differ…I believe (as I stated on your other post) that the decision to end or continue Jahi’s life should ultimately be that of her family and of course, the man upstairs. The tragedy of what has happened is difficult to digest from every angle and no matter the outcome, I for one, pray that Jahi and her family obtain whatever is necessary to help them find peace. keep writing!

    • Thank you for the comment, Lynn.

      Steven Thorpe was put into a medically induced coma because of brain damage. His brain was not dead. I’m skeptical of the parents story that four specialists declared him so as the hospital continued to care for him the entire time stating that it was “extremely rare” to recover from such injuries.

      Likewise Raleane (Rae) Kupferschmidt suffered a brain hemorrhage and was not declared brain dead as so many religious websites are claiming. She was in a coma, showed signs of life, a blood clot was removed and she survived.

      The Zack Dunlap situation seems to support your argument more closely however his situation was much shorter than the case in question, a few hours, not weeks. When they did remove the ventilator he began breathing on his own. If the family believes that McMath should be removed from the ventilator to see what happens I would support that.

      Like the first two cases, Sam Schmid was in a coma, not brain dead, despite what you are most likely reading on many religious orientated websites.

      Being in a coma and being brain dead are different things.

      Medical science has the ability to keep a corpse’s heart beating. Because it can do so doesn’t mean it should do so.

      McMath’s family is setting themselves up to be taken advantage of by unsavory sorts. And you and people like you are encouraging it to happen. Despite your good intentions all that will result from your advice is bad.


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